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    Congrats Commander Bralg!!

    Grats Bralgy! Long time coming and it is sad us EUers don't see you much now you play in US time but keep terrorising those american squishies and gl to r12!!

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    Gz Bralg, well done! Give more arrows to that guy!

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    Gzz Bralg and gl with next one

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    Very nice BA. Keep going!

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    gratz Bralg, one of the best BAs of the server!(way better then Pat's one :P)
    good luck with next rank

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    Jun 2011
    Prague, Czech Republic
    I want american squishies aswell !
    (Morth and Muz will remember LOL)

    Congratz Bralg! Well deserved.

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    Jun 2011
    Czech Republic
    Grats Bralg!

    Shoot 'em hard!

    Gl with next ranks.

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    Scary BA. Sad you can't be always ON when we have large open fights, you do the difference man!!

    Good luck with r12, long way but like you said before to me is a matter of time to see that long bar go up again (:

    Respect for you man!!

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    GZ Bralg!!Well deserved mate , goodluck with next ranks !!

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    Finally Bralg!Big gratz

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    Very nice.

    Gl on R12, will be a tough competition after HD

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    Dec 2011
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Thanks, everyone! Look forward to seeing you all in HD...

    -- Bralg

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    Grats!! I think the r11 symbol on creepside is very nice ./respect to any solo player. Good luck for the next



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