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    Question How do you find items you want to get for cosmetics?

    I'd like to build a list of the items I want to try and get for cosmetic reasons. Is there some way to see all the available items so I can pick what I want to try for? How would I know that some obscure quest has an awesome piece that I want to get?

    Do any of you have a system for finding new cosmetics? Or is it more trial and error?


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    1) Inspect well dressed players
    2) Try on everything you get as a reward or in loot
    3) Check out vendors and the AH

    You could follow well-dressed NPCs home and wait until they hang out the wash, but I'd be careful about that.

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    Perhaps my blog post about "how to find cosmetics" helps a bit too:

    a blog about Middle-earth outfits

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    Hymne has provided a wonderful guide to get any new outfitter off to a good start

    I'd also like to supplement that guide with another website, Darzil's LOTRO Crafting Guide, that gives you a visual idea of many crafted and bartered pieces in the game. I'd highly recommend it...it provided me with a base for outfits long before I even knew cosmetic blogs existed. The majority of the content on that guide is pre-Isengard. This is a good resource, especially if you don't have the time to run around the game!

    http://lotro.northshield.co.uk/ (Darzil's guide is no longer updated, but you can still view much of the content.)

    Devonna from LOTRO Stylist has a visual guide to the Rise of Isengard expansion cosmetics obtained through quests or vendors. http://lotrostylist.wordpress.com/20...quest-rewards/

    I hope this helps you! And feel free to browse though the list of cosmetic blogs thread in the Cosmetics and Appearances forum. You'll find most bloggers tell you how/where to obtain specific pieces of gear. So, if you see a specific piece you like you'll have a better idea of how to get it.

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    I go to the LOTRO fashion blogs like Starry Mantle, Cosmetic Lotro, etc., and browse through their featured outfits. The screenshots are really high quality, and you can usually see a lot of detail on each cosmetic piece. At the bottom of the picture, the blogger will list out each piece and where/how it was acquired.

    I also browse through the auction hall from time to time - not just "outfits"; go to the armour tabs "light, medium, heavy" and try on (ctrl + left click) each item.

    Also make sure you try on all your quest reward choices before choosing something. Sometimes I choose the gear that looks better instead of the gear with better stats. This is especially true in Dunland. There are VERY good cosmetic quest rewards there.

    There's also a thread on the forums called "Post your favorite outfit" or something along those lines. Sometimes the authors will post what pieces are shown. If not, most of them will let you know in a PM if you ask.
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