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    [Landroval] Haunted Derby Horse Race - Sat Nov 16 at 2:30pm /server

    Join Us For The Haunted Derby – Saturday, November 16 at 2:30pm ST on Landroval!

    It’s time for the most dangerous race of the 2013 season!

    The Haunted Derby challenges riders to make their way through the Old Forest and into the
    Northern Barrow Downs, avoiding hungry wolves and life-stealing wraiths in a dark woodland
    maze. Click here to review the race map. This is a fun run, so all standard +62% and +68%
    (non-war) steeds are allowed using whatever speed enhancements you like.

    First prize is 20 gold, second prize is 10 gold, and third prize is 5 gold.

    Meet at the party tent in Buckland and wear your best equestrian outfit!
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- http://SteelAndMagic.com =--

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    This sounds like a lot of fun.

    But surely to "avoid" the wolves, wights and other creatures your alt must be a lowish level.

    A lvl 85 would have no problem, as all the creatures would be grey - or am I missing something?

    Hope to be there.

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    The Windy Acres event for November took place on Saturday the 16th. Eight riders gathered at Buckland Faire for the most frightening race of the season, the infamous Haunted Derby. Equestrian fans enjoyed music, dancing and fine food before the race.

    Kikilaa registered her pony Shooting Star, Meneladan rode his Dusk Watch trained Major, Oddenkad brought blonde sorrel Pi, Tinybel arrived on Donner in Harvestmath tack, Tinylea brought shaggy goal Dunkel in golden pretzel gear, and Vethlo led treasure-laden Silver to the start line. Finally, Zalana rode Capall and Zalddor rode Brandywine, both in the livery of Michel Delving.

    While Kiralynn explained the race rules, Valtharon took up his judging position at Tom Bombadil’s house and Belyndil rode out to the Dead Spire in the Northern Barrow-downs. The riders were allowed to use any steed, except for those trained for battle. All equestrian aids were allowed, so competitors were able to take advantage of advanced riding training.

    Oddankad’s Pi was an unfancied juvenile. Dunkel, Donner, Silver and Shooting Star were all well in with Hobbit riders. Dunkel was also the “dark horse” of the race, since no one knew how a goat would fare in the tight confines of the Old Forest. After the “Call to Post”, all riders indicated their readiness. A charging shout heralded the beginning of the race. Pi dwelt at the start while Shooting Star became an immediate front-runner.

    The sun set quickly below the horizon, leaving the riders to navigate the maze-like passages of the Old Forest in near total darkness. The trees there whisper to each other and sway when there is no wind. It is said that the oldest trees of the Withywindle Valley are dark and malevolent, misleading travelers until they are hopelessly lost. The soft glow from the windows of Tom Bombadil’s house was a guiding light to the first checkpoint. Beyond lay the foggy, unnatural stillness of the Barrow-downs. Some of the riders had difficulty reaching the second checkpoint at the Dead Spire. The presence of angry and mournful spirits causes most steeds to flee in panic.
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- http://SteelAndMagic.com =--

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    Despite the harrowing race route, Kikilaa rode Shooting Star to a clear victory, well ahead of her competitors. The brave pony appeared none the worse for wear. Tinylea and Meneladan crossed the finish line next, in second and third respectively, followed closely by Tinybel and Zalana. Vethlo, Zalddor and Oddankad were almost lost to the Old Forest and an anxious crowd celebrated when they returned.

    Kikilaa won 20 gold for her amazing first place finish. Tinylea won 10 gold and Meneladan went home 5 gold richer. Racing fans stayed awhile to celebrate the bravery of the riders and their wonderful steeds. Many thanks to our course judges, Belyndil and Valtharon. Racing wouldn’t be possible without volunteers.

    The next event is the Winter Celebration, a talent show and seasonal festival at Windy Acres Ranch, scheduled for Saturday, December 14th at 2:30pm. The first-place prize for the talent show is 1,600 Turbine points and 25 gold. The audience votes for the winners. There will also be sparklers, holiday mugs and other goodies given away as door prizes.

    Happy adventuring and we’ll see you at the races!
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- http://SteelAndMagic.com =--



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