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Thread: GZ Mirkuhl!!!

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    GZ Mirkuhl!!!

    This epic reaver of powers beyond imaginable reached his well deserved R6!!!
    He is history and future of our server, being one of most talented new reavers, epic quester.
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    [b][center]LUTZ THE GOD of Whitywindle[/center][/b]

    [center]Z fanboi[/center]

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    Jun 2011
    Somethings are more worth for the concept than the substance itself. This R6 Reaver skill is indeed a concept that is bouth fun and eficient :P
    Gz keep it going, or should i say keep chasing?!


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    gz mirkhul =D

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    Well done Mir!! finally you got that proud rank!!

    P.S.: My Master (Lutz) guide us to victory!!
    REAVER [color=purple]Kakauete[/color] ::: [color=purple]R13[/color] BLACKARROW [color=purple]Kakadush[/color] ::: [color=purple]R13[/color] WARG [color=green]Kamikazze[/color] ::: [color=green]R11[/color] DEFILER [color=green]Kamolas[/color] ::: [color=green]R10[/color] WEAVER [color=greensoft]Kammi[/color] ::: [color=greensoft]R9[/color] WARLEADER [color=blue]Kabanga[/color] ::: [color=blue]R8[/color]

    GUARDIAN [color=green]SANTAREM[/color] ::: [color=green]R11[/color]

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    Gz mirk,keep ranking and havefun!

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    Thnx fellow supporters, R7 is on the way and I'm gonna be fu*king OP with blade toss!
    WW: some nab reaver and a nab warg
    Snowy: WL Kojiro, BA Mirtazg, Weaver Spinosaurus



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