Due to recent events and forum posts I thought that I would try to explain my position or thought process. Hopefully, I do well enough that it makes more sense.

The lists of 1v1s that I have posted are to present information. They haven’t been posted in an attempt to get anyone banned. They are information. How that information is interpreted is up to the reader.

In my opinion, there are pros and cons to 1v1s just as there are pros and cons to anything.

1v1s have changed greatly since I have participated in any form. When I fought in organized 1v1s, there were general ideas that were followed along with fairly specific locations for engagements. Most did not use cool-downs. Cool-downs also had a recognized definition, skills with a 5 minute CD or longer were considered to be off-limits. Most of the time the participants did not have to kill their opponent to know who [won]. However, as the game has moved on and changed, the flow of combat and the critical damage factor and such has evolved. Now, sometimes it is necessary to finish your opponent to know who won because of possible criticals.

Also, skills and such have been added that simply did not exist back then. Champions did not have bubbles, lore-masters did not have water-lore for example. There are too many things now that are too subjective, in my opinion, to decide what is [fair] for classes to use against other classes.

Lastly, 1v1s and ganking are quite different in my mind. For example, I find it quite enjoyable (again sometimes) to roam solo and find soloes or duos or trios to fight alone then move on quickly before more opponents come. For a specific example, escaping a warg pack (however small or large) on my burg is quite enjoyable. The unexpected factor of these, per-say, 1v1s allow something different then organized 1v1s.

Sometimes, I would rather observe the 1v1s and record (in what lacking detail I do) who fought who and who won. It is somewhat more enjoyable then sitting around doing absolutely nothing on creepside or freepside.

As a side note, I think that the lack of balance and lack of mirrored classes and skills (to some extent) allows for a greater variety of action and interaction.

Moving on, as a personal preference, I quite enjoy raid vs raid action. Let me specify, there is a difference between zerg and raid. Sometimes, a zerg may result in RvR. Sometimes, RvR may result in a zerg. Sometimes they spur the other or sometimes they blurr.

Some people enjoy testing their skills and abilities against another player and class on an individual basis. I enjoy testing the skills, abilities, co-ordination, landscape and other various factors of a raid against another raid. Cool-downs are not off-limits or frowned upon, the behavior of individuals may be in question however (corpse-jumping, /rude emotes, ect. which I do not necessarily condone).

There is no TL;DR summary.