Hi guys, Frizle here I wanted to say Hi, I heard Snowlock you are r15 and Troi was r14 grats to you guys, I am sure most of you have ranked many times since you guys went to Brandy so grats all around , I started to make a toon on brandy to send you mail but said screw it when I started the intro and came to the forums instead lol, miss you guys on vilya, it is funny just the other day I heard someone say they missed IR in the moors, no one has really filled the pvp kin niche on Vilya since IR left. Anyways I hope all is well and wish you guys the best of luck in HD, Thx to everyone that came to send me mail or forums grats I sent u guys back mails but of course you never checked them and they returned hehe, anyways take care guys ttyl!!