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    Donato Giancola’s Huor and Hurin Approaching Gondolin

    Awesome Can ''check'' how big the painting is at 2nd image

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    That is an amazing image, what a talent. I understand he paints a wide variety of sci-fi and fantasy. I'm very happy he has included Tolkien in his portfolio.

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    This Gondolin is missing a lot of gates , still a nice painting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpisaw View Post
    This Gondolin is missing a lot of gates , still a nice painting.
    You do realize that the gates are all in the Orfalch Echor right? That's the ravine leading from the Dry River up into Tumladen where Gondolin sits. They're not actually anywhere on the plains around Gondolin. You wouldn't necessarily see them, anymore than one of them anyway, from that vantage point.

    edit for spelling and to say, yep, really nice painting.

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    Although I do really like the painting, I pictured the city taking up the entire valley.

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    the city is mostly described as being on a hill in the middle of the vale - the hill was named Amon Gwareth - and there is a cliff noted on one side where Eol and later Maeglin were thrown off. I always pictured it as being a city occupying a high hill with plenty of space around it, for farming or whatever other use they needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mulkfather View Post
    I always pictured it as being a city occupying a high hill with plenty of space around it, for farming or whatever other use they needed.
    Yes, we often forget that these people would have had to eat, and with no contact from the outside world, they would have had to be entirely self-sufficient by farming or gathering whatever they needed from within the valley.

    [begin tangent] As a side note, it seems a little suspect to me that an entire race could mostly avoid roles involved in food production to focus on mining, forging, and other ventures instead. Men and elves would need to produce a great abundance of food to be able to support themselves and then be able to trade the leftovers for 'shiny things' the dwarves had made, and not to see a hungry dwarf from time to time when there wasn't an abundance of food! [/end tangent]

    Thanks for sharing the picture! I like the feeling of vastness and beauty it conveys.
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    Wilros, that's one of the things I like about the game version of Moria - the areas that were lit for the growing of plants and so forth.

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    Thankyou for bringing this fantastic artist to my attention.
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    Great painting, thanks OP.

    On the size of Gondolin, if you re-check the painting you would notice is not a small city the walls are huge, its just not taking the whole valley.

    I used to imagine Gondolin as taking the whole valley too, this seems more realistic if in fact the city is huge still, because in the writting gives an impression to be a very fortified city hidden inside mountain range, This painting really delivers.

    Now Gondolin is more perfect in my mind, still Huge but now the valley is bigger (Mind blown)



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