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    Look, it's this thread again. The very final one.

    Hey there everyone.

    You must be thinking, "it's another kraum's thread about leaving the game, see ya in 2 days". Truly, my loyalty and even friendship i built up for these past 3 years i've playing Lotro are truly hard to fight. I still believe this game has an incredible community and it's a shame Turbine takes it for granted.

    This time though, it's finally, my final and real goodbye. The game no longer interests me, there's nothing for me to look forward in the future. The game i loved is gone, only the people (some, others left as well) I liked remained. Turbine's decision, i can't do anything against it.
    This time there's no excuses. In the past i tried to leave duo to get my life in order but the game was too addictive (or the people i played with). But no more. Not only i need to get my life on track, the game completely died for me. It's dead.

    I don't have any enthusiasm playing it and i can't force myself on doing it. For you people more casual, I'm truly a nerd to the core. I play games to master them, to be as good as i can, and i spent hours and hours and more hours playing this game. I loved the group instances, I loved the raids, I loved moria, I loved 21st being full of people, I loved lagtrev, I loved all of that. Since then though, the game has been dying and losing standards and that won't do to me. I'm sure one day they'll fix dragoich completely and all, when pigs start flying in the skies.

    I'm an adult with a kid's spirit, and that's how I want to remain. However mmorpgs take too much effort and time. Sure I can manage that and other nerdy stuff while having a life, but in my current situation, I can't, and I can't delay the inevitable anymore.

    Some things I have to mention. I started playing this game when lvl cap was 65 (already close to RoI). My first Kin was the The Crimson Brotherhood. This kin is probably the older kin on the server, I'm sure it's still alive even if with only 1 member or 2. It's there where I lvl'd and learned how to play. I also joined some raids in either pugs or even raiding kins (Reforged) that would take me once in a while when they needed. At 75 cap, I had my best days in terms of fulfillment in this game.
    Me, Marvi and Gamarin, with the help of Snaps, Dennis, Guido and all those folks, formed a pug group (not really after a while, we knew each other very well after the first 1-2 months of lvl 75 and some of them back at 65) and we decided to show raiding kins that we could go toe to toe with them. And we did, oh man, we did. I never had so much fun raiding than i had with that group.

    So many great people we had there: Marvi, Gamarin, Lythea, Pat, Zulu, Eomen/Xellor, Thren/frog, Agtug, Snaps, Sno, Guido, Hallal, Aktis, Dennis, Zub, V, Mim, Choc, Norfrid, Stocky, Katrin, Bellarion, and so many more (i probably forgot some but we were so many, can't recall all the names, sorry about that). We had more than 20 people and we could fill all the time even when some people couldn't show up.
    ToO...spent so many hours and hours there, but it was worthy. As i said back then, my best game experiences came from 75 lvl. Not knowing what lvl 85 would bring, I kept going forward and trying to get better, always. No matter how good you are, there's always someone better. That's why you gotta keep pushing.

    Sadly, that group disbanded for reasons that i won't write down here. Regardless, I decided a couple months before RoR came to form my own kin. I talked with many people from the old group and others, and 1 month after, Ceaseless was formed.

    I'm prideful of the kin I made. Lots of skilled players, many friends, and we raided a lot in the first times (skirms, BG t2c, etc). I raged a lot as usual (was even worse at 75) but I also had a lot of fun. I met new people I didn't know that well, like Ohpra, Belve, Gallanhael, Brom, Sae, Welth, Atador, Mal, Jas, Atador's brother, (haha sorry man couldn't resist) and many more. All these people are great players, and we had a lot of fun together.

    Sadly, RoR group content was lacking, and when people are bored, moods tend to change a bit too. Not having people coming to raids, not telling me why, or straight ignoring me in kin chat, made me upset and I started to have less and less fun playing this game. I also decided to give it a go at PvP when RoR came. My guard and RK were there a bit at 75, but never too much. I never cared about pvp, as this game was filled with pve content and good one.
    I had a lot of fun in pvp with my rk and later with my LM. So it was a good place to play when stuff in pve side was mostly dead.

    After that Ceaseless just disbanded. It was entirely my fault as well. I joined soon after (after one of my infamous goodbye threads) Asylum.

    In the last months, I've played creep. It's fun, even though you really are quite underpowered compared to ranked freeps, it's still fun. We don't have a freep's dps, or heal power, but it's still a fun side.

    And finally, it's time for the final goodbye. I'll obviously miss the people I liked to play with, quite a lot. But everything has an end, and my Lotro journey is gone.
    I know, wall of text right? Well, my final post had to be one of my trademarks.

    Goodbye Lotro people, truly the best part of this game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KrauserJoestar View Post
    Hey there everyone.
    Goodbye Lotro people, truly the best part of this game.
    You won't be the only one. I left because of what they did to this game, I came back for the players who decided to stick it out and hope things improved. They are disallusioned and leaving as well now so I see now reason to stay anymore.

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    Will you play your creep a bit when you have time or are you completely gone Kraum? Anyway you are one of the greatest players this game had like i already said and it was great playing with you. You are right when you say the community is the best part of this game. I am only playing on weekends too and the only reason I keep coming back is to see the old friends and have a bit of fun in pvp, if they start leaving i will sure be leaving too, so i hope you show up on creep side when you find the time.

    Anyway good luck and i wish you all the best in life Kraum.

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    Good bye Kraum, it was an honor raiding with you back in those 75 days. Just reading that part of your post brought back memories of how much fun and potential this game had. You and Ag will always be the 2 best Guardian tanks the server has seen, hands down. Good luck in wherever your life takes you, and I hope our paths cross again sometimes in the future, even if its just a quick hello

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    Reading that just made me not want to log more than usual...

    I do still play cuz I enjoy doing stuff with certain people. You being one of em. With people leaving, I dont see myself playing like I used to tbh. Your wall of text made me miss the good old days of when we played the game for fun despite the hours and hours of hair pulling. Back when /roll was as much fun as beating content.

    Thx for the fun times though kraum, even though I contributed to your nerdrage by breaking your aggro and my questionable placement in raids. Frontals: Aim away from face.
    -1 pro RK
    -1 pro guardian
    -1 pro LM
    For Dwarrow.

    Im sorry but your Warden was more fail than my burg when you guys made me do on level Light T2C with rank 3 virts, quest gear,starter LIs and 6500 morale Motivated with token and max morale scrolls.

    Keep in touch though ^^
    Now I wont ever see you and ag duo tank. Hands down best 2 tanks that work together. Blood Bros yo.
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    And how am I supposed to rank now? 1v1s with your LM was the only infamy I got

    Anyway, have fun in life, Kraum. I'd love to have one myself but once again you get the good drop. Maybe HD wont be a flop and you might come back one day.

    All the good ones have to go leaving fails like me in charge...
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