I'm curious to know what the staffs' position is regarding players "policing" other players. I've gotten a lot of heat from other players both on this website and others. Idle curiosity prompted me to google my screen-name with lotro.

Of course there were the neat ones such as me and my Survivors of Wildermore guide being included in Episode 185 of the LOTRO Reporter (which starts at just over 35 minutes into the episode). They got a few details wrong, such as when the SoW stuff could be started (epics not required; all the other quests ARE), and as with everyone, my name was too hard to pronounce! ^_^ I also saw a similar thing featured about my guide on mymiddleearth.com. This thrilled me silly!

But then there were the bad ones, in which they ripped me up one side and down the other for my support of Turbine and Sapience and everyone. LOTRO was my first MMO and it remains my favorite MMO, and I do support Turbine and Sapience and everyone. You are all great, IMO. But obviously there are some vocal persons who feel the opposite and I've had to bear the brunt of that on more than one occasion. But one thing that stood out a lot (aside from the whole support issue) was that I too often "policed" other players. In my defense, it just seems to me to be easier if I point out the problems (since I can't punish people) before the mods arrive, since they can and will punish people. But apparently I should just mind my own business?

The purpose of staff members moderating content is because a lot of people can't or won't moderate themselves, right? What is Turbine's stance on players moderating each other (not just themselves but each other as well?)? I know grammar policing is not allowed, but what about the rest of it? I know, I know, there is a report button, but that's to throw a flag at the mods to GET their attention. I hate to see people get in trouble for something they weren't aware of. I just find it to be a common courtesy to point it out in hopes of them learning their lesson without long-standing negative side-effects. I also am often a bit of a weakling and always try to give people second-chances. I don't want to call attention to their mistakes unless it is a seriously HUGE mistake (one that is very clearly on purpose, like some spam-threads from internet-marketers that popped into the forums over the last few days).

So, can any blue-name shed some light on this for me? Are players discouraged from doing this? I've never seen any thread specifically for or against it from the staff members, aside from the obvious grammar police one.

Thanks in advance!