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  1. Fourth Gladden Riddle Race -- Lothlorien -- Saturday, November 2nd, noon US EST

    Dear gentlehobbits, gentle-elves, gentledwarves, gentlemen and gentlewomen, you are cordially invited to the fourth Gladden Riddle Race on Saturday the 2nd of November, noon U.S. EST, in celebration of the Halloween season! We may host an additional riddle race the next day, Sunday the 3rd of November at a location easier to reach for inexperienced adventurers, however, due to the large amount of time, effort, and teamwork required to organize even a single riddle race, we are unable to guarantee an additional riddle race at this time.

    The prizes

    The following list is tentative, and will be updated as we get more prizes together.

    • 100 gold apiece for each member of the first place team, 50 gold apiece for each member of the second place team, 25 gold apiece for each member of the third place team, and 10 gold apiece for each member of the best dressed team.
    • Everyone's a winner! Our scholars and tailors will create the following participation prizes for all who participation prizes for all who attend, even if you only show up for the after-party: choice of dye or dyes, and one of the following cosmetics: Fine Quiver, Finely Stitched Backpack, Elven Prospector's Pack, Fine Woodcutter's Pack, Plain Long-Sleeved Tunic and Trousers, Long-Sleeved Corsair's Tunic and Trousers, Elegant Long-Sleeved Dress, Fine Hauberk, Fancy Hauberk. Note that some dyes, especially Black, Ered Luin Blue, Sea Blue, Evendim Blue, Purple, Navy, Indigo, and White, are limited availability, so you should provide a list in order of preference in case your first choice is not available. These will be mailed after the event. Please allow up to two weeks for your participation prizes to arrive.
    • Chances are we will hand out some cosmetic items to people who like them during the after party. Thanks Draconea of House of the Rings for a sabretooth and a tundra bear trophy!

    When and where
    Interested racers should show up by noon U.S. EST on Saturday, November 2nd at the entrance gate of Caras Galadhron, Lothlorien. If you do not bring a full team with you, you are encouraged to show up half an hour early so you can group up with other unteamed people. There, you will be given 7 riddles. Six riddles will hint at various race checkpoints throughout the Golden Wood, and the 7th will hint at the location of the finish line. You will have a chance to ask questions -- please do so in public, not privately, so that we do not have to answer the same question 15 times. Hopefully, we will be able to start the race by 12:15, at which point it will run for an hour, ending at 1:15 PM, at which point we will have an awards ceremony and after party. (Fine print: Our race officials have lives outside of Middle Earth. If not enough to have a full 7 riddle race show up, we'll cut riddles. If not enough show up to have at least a 5 riddle race, we'll ask racers if any of them would be willing to give up their place in the competition in order to officiate instead. If not enough are willing to do this that we can have at least a 5 riddle race, we will cancel it. If you would prefer to compete, but are interested in being a back-up race official in the event too many have unexpected real life happenings, you are encouraged to arrive half an hour early.)

    Rules and regulations

    You may form in teams of up to three people, as it will be easier to solve riddles with more heads. Please name your team and let both Vervainbrandybuck of Drunken Hobbits and Rinil of the Eglantine Order know your team name and members. It is preferred if you form your team by 11:45 AM, but you may finalize your team any time before the start of the race. Again, if you come without teammates, or without a full team of 3, you are encouraged to arrive half an hour early so as to have time to meet other people who may be in need of a team.

    Riding horses or ponies, fast transportation methods, run-speed buffs, giving false hints to other teams, and other cheating is *allowed*. However, please do not share riddle answers with other teams or in public channels: doing so is grounds for disqualification. Additionally, all racers are asked to be respectful to each other and to the race officials.

    The first six race checkpoints, as indicated by the first six riddles, may be visited in any order, and your team does not need to stay together, so feel free to spread out. At each checkpoint, you should trade with a race official wearing a witch's or wizard's hat who will hand you a crafted item as proof that you successfully solved the riddle and made it to the checkpoint (or found it by luck, at least). They may also award a mini-prize for you to share with your team. After that, you should solve the final riddle, if you haven't already, and proceed to the finish line. Your entire team should be at the finish line together when you hand Vervain the proof of having reached the first six checkpoints. (In the event Vervain is unavoidably unable to be there, please hand the items to Rinil instead.)

    About 10 minutes before the end of the race, the solution to the final riddle will be announced -- your team should head to the finish line before the end of the race for the awards and after-party, even if you haven't completed the first six riddles. In the event some teams do not complete all riddles, failure to arrive at the finish line before the end of the race and judging may result in loss of your position relative to other teams, even those who completed fewer riddles than yours.

    Fashion contest, Awards Ceremony, and Afterparty

    We ask that your team stand together, to make it easier for race officials to judge how well coordinated your team's outfits are for the fashion portion of the competition. Coordination with your team is a significant portion of the fashion contest, so we suggest people concerned about winning this part of the contest take the time to coordinate a set of outfits with their teammates. Once the fashion contest has been judged, please feel free to mix and mingle, but when your team is called to accept their prizes, please step forward. Additional prizes may be handed out to people who are exceptionally entertaining at the after-party, such as musicians.
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    This event is awesomely fun!

    I highly recommend all Gladdenites attend it in their very bestest clothes.

    Hope to see you all there!!!
    LilyRose of Gladden, Mistress of the Rangers of the West Kinship. Come check out our kin at rangerswest.guildlaunch.com.

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    This sounds like a lot of fun. My many thanks for organizing an event like this- I know it takes some doing.

    Phalanx will be in attendance, with at least one 3-man team.
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    Wish I could be there guys! Won the Shire Race last spring and had so much fun doing it! Sadly I'm out of town that weekend haha good luck to all!!

  5. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, Lilyrose and Clevinger. :-) Sorry you can't make it this time, FuzzyMikey.

    Information for race officials:
    Please arrive at 11 AM EST if at all possible so we have time to give you the items you will need to hand out, make sure you are appropriately attired (if not taken care of in advance), tell you your riddle and the location you will need to stand, and answer any questions you may have. If you want us to show you exactly where to stand, you are encouraged to arrive by 10 AM. If you are late and do not arrive until noon, and your slot has not already been filled by someone else, please direct your questions to Rinil as Vervain will be busy explaining the race to the racers. We have tried to overbook on race officials in previous races, as we know sometimes unexpected things happen in real life, however, we had difficulty finding volunteers this time and only have on or two extras. If fewer than 7 race officials (including Vervain) manage to arrive in time, riddles will be cut. If fewer than 5 (including Vervain) manage to arrive in time, the race will be cancelled. Vervain will be too busy dealing with logistics right before the race to remind everyone personally, even if you are logged in and on the correct character, so if you are the forgetful sort, you are encouraged to set an alarm.

    Before the start of the event, you should turn on Anonymous in Social Options so that racers cannot find you by adding you to their friends list. You will be asked to wear a witch's hat so that racers can easily recognize you, however beyond that, we hope that you will take this as an opportunity to show off one of your favorite outfits. You may wish to consider a Halloween theme. If you would like assistance with this, we do have a large collection of cosmetics that you can borrow to drag into your wardrobe and/or outfit slots -- but only if you ask us before the day of the actual race.

    As you may be easier or more difficult to find depending on which side of a landmark or other piece of landscape you decide to stand, please ensure you remain still during the event to ensure your riddle is equally difficult for all racers to solve. While it may be best to pick a spot not in plain view of a road, remember it's a Riddle Race, not hide and seek, so don't lie down behind a fence or anything like that.

    When racers arrive at your checkpoint, they should trade with you so you can offer them a cheap crafted item (which we will provide) as evidence that they found you. If you are unsure if someone is in the race or is on other business, feel free to simply ask them. If they are not in the race but express interest, you can link them to this thread. Also, optionally, if it is not too much trouble, it would be nice of you to keep a list of racers who find you, so that if someone goes link-dead during the race, their team can still get credit.

    All race officials will be invited to a fellowship, so you can talk amongst yourselves and ask questions that may also be of interest to other race officials. We will also be able to tell if you go link-dead, although unfortunately we may not have any extra officials to cover for you if that happens. If at all possible, warn us before you go AFK so that we can have someone there before you leave. At the very least, try to put up an AFK sign so racers are not confused why you won't accept their trade.

    Feel free to role-play while officiating the race, but as racers may be in a hurry, do not be surprised if they aren't very talkative.

    The race will probably last until 1:15 PM, assuming a timely start. We hope that you will be able to attend the awards ceremony and after-party, but understand if you can't.

    Besides officiating the race, other matters you can optionally help with are: helping judge the racers' fashion (remember, we are judging them as teams, not as individuals), advertising prior to the race so that we will have competitors to shower gifts on, and helping provide entertainment such as music at the after-party, or perhaps serving food and beverages.

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    Thanks to everybody that help put the riddle race together, it was fun!
    [center] If you see a Tandy-something running around on Gladden, it's probably me.[/center]

  7. Congratulations to the winners of the riddle race! The results are:

    First place, 100 gold apiece
    Team Hmmmm: Bobegond, Proph, and Noobythemidget

    Second place, 50 gold apiece
    Team Phalanx: Aristeides, Ennder, and Tides

    Tied for third place, 25 gold apiece
    Team MOM: Mazzor and Osgel
    Team Sneakypew: Jonathurin, Tandybeau, and Biddbod

    Fourth place, 5 gold
    Team Warriors: Thewarriorprincess

    Best Dressed Team, 10 gold apiece
    Team Phalanx

    Best Musicians, 10 gold apiece
    Team Phalanx

    Good job everyone! :-)

    And I'm glad you enjoyed it, Tandy.

    I would like to thank Rinil, Callem, Kaswyn, and Fandraen for assisting me with officiating the race, Callem again for helping so much with the advertising, and Rinil again for proof-reading all my riddles and loaning me 30 gold after I came up short when I decided to give third place to both Team MOM and Team Sneakypew.
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  8. Also, I actually managed to take a few screenshots this time.

    The first place team arrives!

    The second place team also makes it!

    The afterparty

    The after party from another angle

    A close up of Team Phalanx playing music at the afterparty

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    Congrats to the winners!

    Sadly, I had to work today, so I was riddleless...

    Great shots there.
    LilyRose of Gladden, Mistress of the Rangers of the West Kinship. Come check out our kin at rangerswest.guildlaunch.com.

  10. Sorry you couldn't make it, Lilyrose. We are hoping to throw another riddle race during the winter holiday season. Perhaps we will see you then! :-)

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    Got stuck working during the last one, but I am looking forward to the next event!



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