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Thread: Gzzz Maaba !!!

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    Jun 2011

    Gzzz Maaba !!!

    One of the rare freeps that actually can and know how to play solo!!
    Well done

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    Gzz Tom Kulz!

    well deserved m8!

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    Jun 2011
    Prague, Czech Republic
    Gratz Kulz ! Good solo burgie you have there

    btw what rank 10? you should add it to the desc. Pat.

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    big gratz Maaba ! well done and very well deserved
    good luck with next rank!
    @Ode yeah he's r10

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    Gratz Kulzi!

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    LOL nab patruxe forgot to mention rank xDD...Anyway Gzzzzzz little kulzyyy!Time to learn to this Oudini guy how to play tbh..

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    Grats Kulz Well done!!!

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    Dec 2011
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Good job on R10, and best of luck for the next rank; you are a tough opponent, whether on rk or burg.

    -- Bralg

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    Jun 2011
    Gratz You little tiny thingy, go away with your stuns, shhoooo... Remember puppys are a Hobbits best friend

    - Bloodpaws

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    BIG GRATZ! My brother in arms
    I have alot of fun playing with u, a great player!
    I hope we can duo more after expasion

    and shhhhhh Imi, i a bit rusty thats all lol :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drabbit View Post
    I hope we can duo more after expasion
    Nooooooo!!You promised me mini

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    Grats little burgie!

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    Thank you all creeps and freeps.

    Its being really fun to play my burg again, cant even choose which to lvl 1st in HD now =)

    Keep up the fights and good hunting

    See u in moors


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    Gz Tom!May the low ranks rest in pieces xD

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    Gratz Mira! keep keep terrifying HH

    Good luck next rank.



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