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    Games keeps crashing

    So I have a new computer that can run pretty much any other game right now at high-max settings. I have a i5-3750K, 16GB of ram, and a Radeons 7870. I am running windows 8, 64-bit. I had been running Direct X 11 at very high settings and the game keeps shutting down. So I tried putting it on Direct X 10 at high settings and it still shuts down or goes to the BSOD. Is this a common thing or is this game just very intensive? Should I just keep lowering the settings? I pushed the button for the game to set the settings that my computer can handle and it puts it on very high. Havent had this issue for any game and it is making the game unplayable with a crash every 5-10 minutes.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Possibly unrelated; but I had constant crashing issues when I (briefly) used a 7870. I realise that changing graphics card is not an option for most - and hardly the best option for anyone - but that could very well be the culprit. Have you tried newer/older catalyst drivers?

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    Are you running 8.1? Is IE10 installed? Did you post a dxdiag or anything to the technical forums?

    If this mostly a blue screen crash? If so I would really look at updating and drivers like sound drivers and such.

    If you have a sound card you could try taking it out. Make sure EAX is not checked in options.

    Is this card over clocked? Did you install the latest GPU driver? Did you try rolling back one?

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    have you tried running in dx9? i once had also when i started a game that my pc broke down... turned out to be a faulty psu though i doubt if that is the case here since you have a pretty new pc
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    Processor and RAM are fine. I don't know anything about ATI cards to comment on that. Windows 8 is evil, and I know SOME players have been experiencing various issues with it.

    You'd be better off asking for help in the Technical Support Forums, where your post is more likely to be seen by the people who can help you resolve this issue.

    Other than that, all I can suggest is ensure your drivers are up to date, and try manually setting the game settings to a lower value to see if that helps.
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    I had an issue where my game was crashing with no warning. The game would work fine and then just bam and disappear. I don't have technical knowledge, but I think it was caused by a Happy Cloud program because it stopped after uninstalling it; it's been a month now and i had no problems since. I read similar stories from other people too, while I was looking for solution back then. It's a cloud sharing service but apparently it has some issues and can slow down your internet considerably. If your PC still has it (Lotro auto-installs it during initial Lotro download), I would remove it.



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