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    Helm's Deep New Trait Window

    Here is what we've seen change with the Trait window.

    - The top trait window is no longer our current setup. It is now the Class Traits Tab.

    - The window itself eats up a lot of space and is 1024x768 in size. If you run on a resolution below 1024x768 there is now a feature allowing you to scroll around the new version of this window. We aren't able to resize the window to our liking but at least we are able to access the full window.

    Here is this looks like for a Loremaster.

    - On the Left you have 3 tabs. Class Traits, Racial Traits and Virtue Traits.

    - On the Racial and Virtue Trait Tabs you can swap out your traits however you wish without any costs or visiting a Bard.

    - In the Class Trait Tab it is now similar in design to the Mounted Combat Trait Tab. Where when you first go into it you have to select your primary focus Blue, Red or Yellow.

    - Once you select a primary focus Blue, Red or Yellow you can now spend your class trait points however you wish across all 3 lines. The cost is 1 point for each trait rank on your primary line and 2 points for each trait rank on your other two lines.

    - in the Class Trait Tab once specialized you see on the bottom your Available Points then your Spent Points then a Re-specialize Button, Cancel Button and Apply Button. The Cancel and Apply buttons are only clickable while you are spending your points. The Re-specialize button will clear your spec completely for 1g 180s at level 91 with 58 points. You then have to reselect your primary and spend your points. There is no current way to keep your specialization and reallocate your points selectively(This was the big strength of the retraiting method. You only spent what you needed to change.)

    - In the Class Trait Tab on the right hand side you see the Different Trait Preset Trait configurations you can buy. If you are Free to Play only 1 will be unlocked, if you are VIP you will have 2 unlocked with a maximum of 7. The rest will require a purchase. It currently costs 100 mithril coins to unlock a new trait preset slot for a single character.

    - At the top of the Class Trait Tab you are able to rename your different preset tab names. Currently this feature only shows the name when you are already in that preset tab instead of replacing the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with the name you chose.

    - As you spend points in your class trait tree you will unlock both skills further down and then on the left hand side you will see the set bonuses and 'legendary' skills that get unlocked the deeper you go into a given tree.

    - Trait granted skills do not appear in your Active Skill Window. You can only be auto granted this skills by changing your trait spec. This means if you lose a skill during combat you have no way to reobtain it!

    All in all I have to say this is a pretty good change. The one thing I greatly dislike about the design of this setup is that its not possible to 'unlock' your current trait spec and then unspend points to respend elsewhere. Instead you have to spend to refund all your points just to change out a couple of things. This was one of the drawbacks with Mounted Combat but with that system we aren't going to constantly be going in and saying I need to respect to have more AoE, or Single target or Heals or Power or SI or CC or Debuffs, etc... This is a feature that needs to be put in. We need to be able to unlock our class spec to then unspend and respend points.
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    Can we get a screenshot of this please ?

    I'm curious to see if it's in any way similar to the enhancement tree set up in DDO.

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    Another Captain posted these screenshots showing some of the new Captain traits. Maybe that will help: http://imgur.com/a/YBdAX
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    Quote Originally Posted by Madmanthief View Post
    Can we get a screenshot of this please ?

    I'm curious to see if it's in any way similar to the enhancement tree set up in DDO.
    There you go updated it with images.
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