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    Nov 2013

    new player, a few questions

    I'm almost new in this game (tried to play before but got caught but another mmo).
    I also don't remember if I did a similar thread back then, if so excuse me, I'm a bit amnesic when switching attention.
    I would have a few questions in full honesty , addressed to both players and the staff, about the rules here.
    I'm f2p, giving that please say what it's possible and allowed at the same time , I'm not interested in possible and not allowed :
    1.Having multiple accounts
    2.Having multiple sessions from the same ip with different accounts (multiboxing)
    3.Having multiple sessions on the same account (2 that is )

    I'm only interested in multiaccount for crafting and in multiboxing in pve in order to maybe beat some cool bosses
    with some cool strategy all by myself - and of course getting some cool items . That is I don't think multiboxing
    is efficient in pvp nor I intend to do it - if it would work would be dirty (i won't do it from a moral point of view).

    That's all, please answer as openly as I asked.
    Thank you !

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    1 and 2 are possible, 3 is not. Note that using bots isn't allowed when multiboxing, you actually have to control your characters yourself.
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    Yes, i have no intention of using automation or anything.
    I'm thinking at something like tank, healer, ranged dps
    and I split the screen and queue actions in combat queue if anything like this.
    if not 1st grab enough aggro on tank , switch for 10s on healer, 10 more s on ranged ... repeat.
    I'll find a way, automation is not fun cause no challenge.
    I don't intend to break any rules, this is why I started by asking.

    And I also won't abuse multiaccount, 3 are enough to get all crafts and it balances this with TP gathering (to move to different areas with all).



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