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Thread: PvP Awards

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    PvP Awards #2

    There was this same thread awhile back, I know, and I really think that it is kind of unfortunate that it died. I think that it did help the moors a lot and it gave people credit for actually being a good player, not just having a high rating or a lot of renown. I think what we need in the moors is more of those people who really want to be good players, and encouragement for people who already do try to be good players.
    Copy and paste this onto your reply and give the player that you think plays each class the best.

    Best Freep*-

    Best Creep*-

    My personal opinion:

    Best Freep- I really think that Corinthianz doesn't get enough recognition. No other gaurdian is played nearly as well as him, in my opinion.
    Burglar- Shadowrun is a great player.
    Captain- Stormraider has really impressed me as of late.
    Champion- Derlan. Nuff said.
    Guardian- Corin already won best freep in general for me.... so I'm going to say Mithlandiel. She is such a beast.
    Hunter- Beeonick is absolutely awesome at his currently not-so-OP class.
    Lore-master- Gyrfalcon hits soooo hard.
    Minstrel- This is a really tough one. Abeldir seems to keep people alive pretty well, though.
    Rune-keeper- Casinoari isn't only a total beast, but he is a tremendously nice person.
    Warden- Naolin is a crazy person.

    Best Creep- Bashurskull/Arachnic/Flaminghound/Bogbod is an excellent player.
    Blackarrow- We have some great BAs on our server, but this time I'm going with Gandawf who hits like a mac truck.
    Defiler- Kolthrok is only r8, but he is one of the only defilers on this server that I have to consider attacking, he puts up a GREAT fight.
    Reaver- Burzumaz is a force to be reckoned with to say the least.
    Stalker- Colmillo is really good.
    Warleader- Loaf. Brolluk is probably best 1v1 though.
    Weaver- Ung is a kinny/triby and one of my favorite people on this server. Cuthilin is definitely worth mentioning though.
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    Best Freep- Derlan
    Captain-Flag does great, Aerch is good too
    Champion-Der or glamak
    Lore-master-Although he hardly plays his own lm, Tyrone does have his moments
    Rune-keeper-Hexious and his legendary dance
    Warden-Nailon, if only drunk phoebus went to the moors though

    Best Creep-I agree with Zan, Frot is the best. He's great on any of his toons
    Blackarrow-Nuubtuber, Yummy is the best at sun bathing still though
    Reaver-Burz is best, Cintona has got some sneaky tricks though
    Stalker-Colmillo or flaminghound are the best for 1v1s, Voodoo's ability to escape certain death deserves a mention

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    Best Freep- Well, i vote for 2 Gyr and Flag love you guys !!
    Burglar- oden and zan
    Captain- i know a good one now ..flag!!!
    Champion- Champion-Derly
    Guardian- mith
    Hunter- Hunter-flagely
    Lore-master- Gyrfalcon, really patient raid/fellow leader
    Minstrel- mel is my girl , have had some awesome action together
    Rune-keeper--hex, fun and awesome..also staky.. Runfred :P
    Warden- vyrack my fav...but nal has been the one kicking butts the epic way and spooky :3

    Best Creep- have no idea
    Blackarrow- ashurt
    Defiler- theres lot of legendary ones ..but blackverc is undying at. r8
    Reaver- burz..best 1v1
    Stalker- flaminghound no doubts hes like no other warg in this server
    Warleader- broluck
    Weaver- ungo and chuch someyhing dont know how to type it
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    Best Freep-
    Burglar- Zanwic and Shadowrun
    Captain- Pelagor
    Champion- Derlan
    Guardian- Corinth
    Hunter- Beeonick
    Lore-master- Jagstang
    Minstrel- Tstanon was the best, now Melsaph
    Rune-keeper- Holm hits incredibly hard
    Warden- Naloin

    Best Creep-
    Blackarrow- Gandawf
    Defiler- lots of decent defilers out
    Reaver- Gorbat, Rossrak and Cintona are good reavers
    Stalker- Flaminghound
    Warleader- Brolluk
    Weaver- Arachnic

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    I'm still relatively new to the moors, so here's the extent of my knowledge...

    Best Freep-So many to Choose from, but I think I have to go with Casino
    Burglar-Zanwic. You run a deadly burg my friend and kinmate
    Captain-Tough call. I'd have to say Flagson.
    Champion-Derlan is probably the longest living and hardest hitting from what I've seen.
    Guardian-Corin. No competition imo.
    Hunter-A tie between Beeo and Tharros. Beeo can blast me to oblivion and Tharros is slippery without giving up his damage.
    Lore-master-Another tough call, but Gyr is a great LM
    Minstrel-Abeldir, enough said.
    Rune-keeper-I'd have to go with Casino, but if he only gets one award, Holmstar would be my choice.
    Warden-Naloin can blow anything up with his bleeds

    Best Creep-So many to choose from, but I have to give it to Omani. Great teacher and great raid leader, even if he doesn't use voice chat (at least when I'm on)
    Blackarrow-I haven't been pitted against him, but Ashurt is my choice.
    Defiler-Uwontdie always pulls a miracle out of his goat mask!
    Reaver-Yet another tough call. Based on what I've seen, I'll to give it to Ophnakh.
    Stalker-I don't know many stalkers out of tribe unfortunately, but based on that I'd say Raghar. Great person to group and hang out with!
    Warleader-Bloodloaf. It astounds me how well he can do on his WL.
    Weaver-Ungolliar. I haven't seen anyone play the spider as well as he does!

    ~Hamwow R9 Warleader
    ~Nonameruleforme R7 Blackarrow
    ~Mogar RK in progress!
    Arkenstone ~ [Hamwow R11 WL - Umaiar] ~ {Nonameruleforme R11 BA - Umaiar}
    Landroval ~ {Bloogarrow R9 BA - The Bloog}

    Where there's a whip, there is a way!

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    Some of these players may be inactive, but they still deserve mention. Also, nobody can be a "best freep" or "best creep," so in those spots I'll put the best group leaders, in my opinion.
    Best Freep Leader- Flagley and Derlan deserve mention here for trying, when I myself would've given up a long time ago... after a lot of yelling.
    Minstrel-Abeldir currently, Cullin for all-time

    Best Creep Leader- Baglun
    Blackarrow-Hard to choose... Yummy/Bag/Gand
    Warleader-Brolluk, hands down.

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    Rank 12 Minstrel, Rank 9 Warden, Rank 8 Hunter, Rank 7 Burg, R7 Captain, R7 RK
    Rank 9 Defiler, Rank 7 Warg, Rank 6 Reaver, R6 Weaver, R6 WL, R6 BA

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    Best Freep- Hard to compare players of different classes, so I'll leave this blank
    Burglar- Shadowrun
    Captain- Trustadon
    Champion- Derlan
    Guardian- Corinthianz
    Hunter- Tharros
    Lore-master- Vidigis
    Minstrel- Abeldir
    Rune-keeper- Casinoari
    Warden- Dirtdiver

    Best Creep- Same as Best Freep
    Blackarrow- Ashurt
    Defiler- Cilmean
    Reaver- Cintona
    Stalker- Nerrun
    Warleader- Brolluk
    Weaver- Ungolliar
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    [color=PaleGreen]Landroval - TheBloog: [/color][color=Crimson]SausageSaviour - TheBAFormallyKnown[/color][/b]

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    Best Freep-
    Warden- I hate you wardens but... Dirt

    Best Creep-

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    Best Freep-Casinoari - No one carries themselves with as much honor and class in the Moors
    Captain-Nimitar - Amazing Captain!
    Champion-Hyjack - Whether I am fighting him or running with him I am constantly amazed by his skills
    Hunter-Keewee - The gold standard! Nobody's gear shines more brightly or hits as hard as she does
    Lore-master- Sizzling Sizzlac!
    Rune-keeper-Casinoari - awesomeness!
    Warden-Naolin - Probably the hardest freep to kill I have ever fought.

    Best Creep-Bloodloaf - A truly noble warrior! He brings class to creepside!
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    Good to see this back on the boards. Think it's been about a year since I made the last one. I'm going to post 2 sets. One for recognition for current day - One for best all time in my opinoin. It's going to be difficult not to pick the people/friends that I play with on a daily basis solely for the reason that I game with them more and rarely see the "talent" of the other creeps out. But I'll do my best to be fair.

    - Best for Current day -

    Burglar - Zanwic
    Captain - Nimitar
    Champion - Derlan - Ulvric
    Guardian - Corinthianz
    Hunter - Beonick - Tharros
    Lore-master - Tyronetheone
    Minstrel - Abeldir - Melsaph
    Rune-keeper - Casinoari
    Warden - Puvi - Naloin

    Blackarrow - Voodootoo - Youlookyummy
    Defiler - Sineater
    Reaver - Killabees - Burzumaz
    Stalker - Akart - Twosock
    Warleader - Akarnold
    Weaver - Ungolliar - Gilgaresh

    - For all of time -

    Burglar - Flaky - Bing
    Captain - Pelagor - Terminators
    Champion - Stumplie - Derlan
    Guardian - Georic - Corinthianz
    Hunter - Aelvain - Beonick
    Lore-master - Rahbrigul
    Minstrel - Daec - Gallmir
    Rune-keeper - Casinoari - Apokalyptika
    Warden - Gambit - Glorno

    Blackarrow - Lugbugdush - Prylor
    Defiler - Gorgurth - Ochratoxin
    Reaver - Muzluks - Necksnapper - Druzik
    Stalker - Vulfen - Biglebowski
    Warleader - Omani - Durtz
    Weaver - Ungolliar - Imdroggotwo - Morthil

    Some Uruks rank so slow it would impress the Ents themselves.

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    Best Freep*-I would have to say Flagley, he takes on the leadership role often and try's to promote good play between both sides.
    Burglar-Ovon I really like his call outs and scouting he does.
    Captain-Flagson because he choses me for shield brother
    Champion-Hungury hes a dwarf and thats enough for me.
    Guardian- Corin though Mith is an awesome guard to I like how Corin switches from dps to shield bro in middle of raid fights.
    Hunter-Aria one of the few freeps I know is always following raid assist target.
    Minstrel-Melseph though Abel is play a good mini atm to as are a few others.

    Best Creep*-I would have to say Baglun, Bloodloaf or Loki here all do a really good job of promoting Ark creepside.
    Blackarrow-I think Roh plays a good Ba and is up for some spars sometimes. Nuub is by far the best Solo BA imo.
    Defiler-Cilmean dont really think it needs an explanation.
    Reaver-Burz is always up for spars and I like that, tons of really competitive reavers around atm which is cool.
    Stalker- Flaminghound.
    Warleader- Brolluk though any ranked Wl that has a clue is a beast.
    Weaver-If Arachne is back always a very competitive spidey I honestly rarely see spiders around for some reason or another so tough call on this one. I think Ungo is great in raids and play his spider very well in that role.
    Formerly Derlan of Arkenstone, Thistlebeard of Crickhollow, Thistlehair of Brandywine. Once again Derlan of Arkenstone. Your Welcome for the $75 WB.

    Auzue, Number (Arkenstone)

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    Best Creep/Freep

    Burglar- Zanwic all the way. Puts up great fights, and keeps the CC goin'!
    Captain- Aerchiram is a tough kid to kill!
    Champion- Hyjack all the way. Pretty beast one on one, and doesn't run when death is inevitable, like someone else I know...
    Guardian- Corinthianz all the way. Pretty BOSS Guardian out there!
    Hunter- Redos is a really nice guy once you get to know him. If not trailing a group of greenies, hell probably recruiting some greenies to run around and destroy, wipe, repeat!
    Lore-master- Tambor
    Minstrel- Drendolith all the way!
    Rune-keeper- When Daec isn't being a QQ'er, he puts up a decent fight!
    Warden- Naloin with his 1k+ bleeds!
    Blackarrow- Yum-yums is pretty boss when you see him chasing his food!
    Defiler- Ijustpassedgas
    Reaver- Ophnakh, best reaver out there.
    Stalker- Raghar, kinnie and great friend to hang or gank with!
    Warleader- Discluding myself.. Brolluk all the way.
    Weaver- Webstalker, have I ever told you how happy I am that we're on the same team?
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    Burglar- Zanwic
    Captain- Nimitar
    Champion- Derlan
    Guardian- Corinthianz
    Hunter- Beeonick
    Lore-master- Jagstang
    Minstrel- Abeldir(healing) and Gallmir (DPS)

    Blackarrow- Ashurt
    Defiler- Cilmean
    Reaver- Gorbat
    Stalker- Colmillo

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    Best Freep*- Cas , Corinthianz
    Burglar- Zanwic , Arathrin , Shadowrun are all great!
    Captain- Pelagor , Trustadon , Nimitar has some tricks . But they all are very good
    Champion- Derlan
    Guardian- Corinthianz , Mithlandiel
    Hunter- Beo, Tug, tharros
    Lore-master- Jag
    Minstrel- Melsap , Abeldir.. frankly , there are a lot of good minstrels.... Lill and Mara are very impressive too.
    Rune-keeper-Casinoari , Daec , Holmstar
    Warden- Dirtdiver , puvi , major and minor winter and summer are also very impressivr

    Best Creep*- xxx
    Blackarrow- Mr. Ashurt Yums Gandawf
    Defiler- Narku , thrax, Sin, and a special mention to Bugutoo and Organica, who manage to keep me up
    Reaver- Zagrimm, Druzic , Muz , Burz
    Stalker- voodoo, Flaminghound, Cardraug (scouter extraordinare!)
    Warleader- Rough Areber for the war leader Tag team, Brolluk for solo
    Weaver- Ungo , Caed Web
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    Freeps- Deok lvl 95 Hunter
    Creeps - Cintona Rank 11 Darkblits Rank 7

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    Best Freep*- Maiemarwyn- She is the one freep that will take a beating dust off herself and then you whack you with her staff
    Burglar- Pass
    Captain- Nimitar
    Champion- Derlan if he would stay and fight more...he runs away faster then I do
    Guardian- corinthianz
    Hunter- Beo
    Lore-master- Gyrfalcon
    Minstrel- Melsaph
    Rune-keeper- Casinoari
    Warden- I have not seen anyone in the same class as the original five ranked wardens on this server. It is a class I play and I am more critical. (Puvii, Glorno, Falconidas, Spookfast and the first ranked ten on the server was _______ ) Pheobus gets an honorable mention but he does not do much pvmp

    Best Creep*- Ungolliar- He always tries to bring a fight big or small, yes he runs away with his many spider legs but you would too with a fraid on you.
    Blackarrow- Ashurt---I used to think him a scrub but he is pretty decent now.
    Defiler- Sineater....worst dog ever but a pretty good healer
    Reaver- cintona, most reavers these days charge off but cin puts up a good fight
    Stalker- None come to mind. I see akart has returned....he can be a place holder for this one
    Warleader-Three way tie between Omani, Bloodloaf and Brolluk
    Weaver- Ungolliar

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    Burglar- Zanwic, though many of the burgs who come out make me nervous.
    Captain- Too rare, none come to mind.
    Champion- A champs job is to do damage, and Derlan does the most. The feeling is mutual by the way.
    Guardian- Rare sight nowadays, but Corin takes his lumps.
    Hunter- Beo, he gets the drop on you and you're dead.
    Lore-master- Jagstang
    Minstrel- Can't choose, most minstrels that play give me a headache. I mean that as a compliment.
    Rune-keeper- Cas, Panth, Hex
    Warden- It's not an easy class to play well but with the buffs it got there's no joy to be had with one around. Pass.

    Blackarrow- Bag and Ash
    Defiler- All the MB defilers but Sineater has pulled my ### out of the fire so many times I gotta save the top spot.
    Reaver- I honestly don't see alot of reavers anymore and when I do they're grouped so their individual skill doesn't come through. Pass.
    Stalker- Petme
    Warleader- All MB warleaders.
    Weaver- Ung
    Chieftain Akart, Servant of Fernando the Benevolent and Chester the Sleepy Squirrel

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    I haven't been very active so here is my nod to the players I remember.

    Burglar- Flaky was the best burg I've ever seen even post Kryptix. Now Zan can carry the torch.
    Captain- Ivaed held it down pre Healing-era. Dunno any Captains now I guess Nimitar but he flips outposts too much.
    Champion- Glamak prolly the smartest champ I've ever faced even when Reavers were top of the food chain. Derlan can *** it! hahaa
    Guardian- Corinthianz duh
    Hunter- Tharros, hes slippery that guy
    Lore-master- Rhab was good, ty and jag can fight for it today and honorable mention to behniiiiiiiii!!!!!!
    Minstrel- Cullin, I could never kill the guy. Feydalins a dope Minny.
    Rune-keeper- Dandur gave me the best fights.
    Warden- Thisis was the best warden Ive ever seen play pre RoI. The rest can **** it too!!! hahaaa

    Blackarrow- Well, Ashurt, Voodoo, Garam, Blodshot
    Defiler- Machilles, Sin
    Reaver- Muz, where is he.....
    Stalker- Nerrun, Akart, Flaminghound, ieatelves
    Warleader- Loaf, Omani, Poofz, BrollukNoluck
    Weaver- THE ungolliar, and Iamdroggotwo

    I prolly missed a few but w.e The rest of you suck! Except my friends hahaa

    [FYMF squad] Killabees

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    Re-reading Zanwics lines at the top he wants opinions on who we think plays the best at their class...after reading some of these seems like people simply put who they liked the most or just put all tribe but whatev...here's my twocents. In the current day and age...

    Burglar-Zanwic....even though last time we fought you popped 60s of TaG and 2 knives outs...you still hit the hardest.
    Captain-None come to mind
    Champion-I'd say Derlan but havent fought him since RoI...Glamak I suppose.
    Lore-Master-Hey I thought I was pretty good...but Jag was best
    Minstrel-Tst absolutely
    Runekeeper-I hate to say it but Legona only RK to beat me since RoR went live.
    Warden-I hate wardens

    Blackarrow-Voodoos def one of the best but Nuubtuber is a beast.
    Defiler-hmmmm.....Cilmean <3
    Reaver-This is a sore spot for me since I wasnt mentioned once on the list...I think its because I have been so inactive but lets be honest people...you think druzik is the best at his class?..I wont derail this thread so ill just say Gorbat and leave it at that.
    Stalker-Poor wargs, idk its hard to say they are in a tough place...Hey I like jokes, lets throw out Akart? lol
    Warleader-Honorable mention to Brolluk...beat em once and once only.
    Weaver-Shings! Faeweb!

    And I cant help it...seriously any of you freeps want to spar my reaver let me know....I think maybe ill change your mind on your top picks

    Grushmun-1 - Rank 13 Reaver, Bayoneta-1 Rank 10 LM, Bayoneta-2 Rank 9 Hunt, Halindale-2 Rank 9 Capt.

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    I am way biased toward my friends and toward people who play well AND have good attitudes about it.

    Burglar - From what I have seen, Zanwic
    Captain - Nimitar
    Champion - Derlan
    Guardian - Corinthianz of course
    Hunter - Tharros
    Lore-master - Gyrfalcon
    Minstrel - Lillyn
    Rune-keeper - Casinoari
    Warden - Dirtdiver

    Blackarrow - Ashurt
    Defiler - I am not sure on this one...
    Reaver - Killabees
    Stalker - Rothkirok, Nerrun, there is this one super sneaky one but i can't remember his name - he's that sneaky
    Warleader - Brolluk
    Weaver - Sigh.. Ungollier

    Behni - R9 LM
    Skimble - R6 BA
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    Behni - R10
    Skimble - R8

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    Quote Originally Posted by soccerdude101 View Post
    And I cant help it...seriously any of you freeps want to spar my reaver let me know....I think maybe ill change your mind on your top picks
    Yeah... you completely slipped my mind, but my spar with you was honestly a tougher fight than it was with Gorbat, so I edited my list. Now stop being butthurt.
    Rank 12 Minstrel, Rank 9 Warden, Rank 8 Hunter, Rank 7 Burg, R7 Captain, R7 RK
    Rank 9 Defiler, Rank 7 Warg, Rank 6 Reaver, R6 Weaver, R6 WL, R6 BA

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    Sorry grush, I wanted to state people that played those toons frequently. Your reaver is the only creep that has a positive win ratio on my burg lol

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    "Reaver-This is a sore spot for me since I wasnt mentioned once on the list...I think its because I have been so inactive but lets be honest people...you think druzik is the best at his class?..I wont derail this thread so ill just say Gorbat and leave it at that. "

    I can't Grush I Judo chopped that mofo so many times both of my hands hurt..........YEA BABY!!!

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    Best Freep*- Beeonick
    Burglar- Axetoe
    Captain- Flag for sure!
    Champion- Micdor
    Guardian- Corinthianz
    Hunter- Beeonick
    Lore-master- Vidigis
    Minstrel- Lillyn she's a great friend and a really good healer.
    Rune-keeper- Casinoari, Hex and Pan
    Warden- Puvii

    Best Creep*- Ung
    Blackarrow- Ashurt
    Defiler- Sineater
    Reaver- Killabees
    Stalker- Rothkirok or Codyq
    Warleader- Bloodloaf
    Weaver- Ung he's the best Spider I know.

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    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. College is great and all. But these forums are the best entertainment I've had all day. Keep it up. I miss you all. Unless you're an idiot or a tool. In which case I don't miss you. Except Daec. <3 Look for me on holiday weekends. I will be amidst the 40* man Blood Hand zerg!

    *And by 40 I mean the 14 that morphs into 40 whenever people are whining about dying cause they're unorganized. >.>

    Note: I'm not derailing. This thread was the one that caught my eye and gave me a laugh. Take that as you will.

    (Retired... Maybe un-retired?) Arkenstone: Immanitas R12 Burg, Gorbat R12 Reaver, Sueahpro R11 Mini, Falsified R9 RK, -The Blood Hand
    Crickhollow: Orphluk R9 Warg, Orphelun-1 R8 RK. -The Blood Hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J-Moneyforever View Post
    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. College is great and all. But these forums are the best entertainment I've had all day. Keep it up. I miss you all. Unless you're an idiot or a tool. In which case I don't miss you. Except Daec. <3 Look for me on holiday weekends. I will be amidst the 40* man Blood Hand zerg!

    *And by 40 I mean the 14 that morphs into 40 whenever people are whining about dying cause they're unorganized. >.>

    Note: I'm not derailing. This thread was the one that caught my eye and gave me a laugh. Take that as you will.

    ORPH! <3 Power through those intro courses and make some time to play, we miss you! (Don't tell me you're actually getting a life, all you need is LotRO )
    Arkenstone: Blulum (r12 Reaver), Tumblytwo-1 (r10 Champion), Gnaral (r7 Warg) - Nefarious

    R.I.P. "The Blood Hand" 05/21/14


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