Club Eclair is a roleplay-adventure leveling club on Landroval.

We use the XP Disabler to keep us at the same level, and go on patrols, skirmish trainngs, instances and the like "in character"

Currently, we are Level 23 adventuring iut of Ost Guruth.

On November 18, we will increase the level cap to 25.

With this increase we will complete Book 2 in the Lone Lands and all Lone Lands quests other than Garth Agarwen, move back through Bree and up through Trestlebridge to complete some quests in that region, then see if we can find that secret Ranger camp of Esteldin. From Esteldin, we will help the dwarfs of Othrikar, the farmers of Kingsfell, and the elfs of Meluinen - before moving on to Oatbarton.

We are not a kinship, but a club that communicates through a user channel club-eclair. (/joinchannel club-eclair).

If you have more of an interest in what we are like, there's a Club Éclair thread on the Landroval forums that describe some of our missions.