In addition to Lalia's Market and the addition of Mithril Traders to the starter zones, Class Trainers and Skirmish Camps there have been new Mithril Coin transactions added to the game.

- Class/Trait Presets cost 100 Mithril Coins and are Per Character

- Epic Battle Promotion Presets cost 100 Mithirl Coins and are Per Character

- Housing Chests have the option of cost in 100 Mithil Coins up to 60 slots and then are the exclusive means to get up to 120 slots. So you spend 100 Mithril for every slot in lots of 15 reguardless of how much you do or don't have.

- Travel to NPC in West Rohan cost 5 Mithril Coins.

- Swift Travel to locations still only cost 1 Mithril Coin.

A reminder 100 Mithril Coins is 1000 Turbine Points

- Shared Storage typically costs 695 TP

- Vault Upgrades typically cost around 700 to 995 TP

- Mounted Combat Trait Presets are account wide and only cost 695 TP

So we have some major price inflation here.