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    Turbine Kickstarter

    I just pledged some money for Obduction (the new game from the Myst/Riven folks). That got me thinking.

    There are so many new features for LotRO that people want - way too many for Turbine to develop all of them. Some might pay for themselves (store items like the Turtle stone), some might not. Turbine has no guarantee that people will want something enough to buy it.

    What if instead they followed a Kickstarter-like model for some features?

    Turbine could invest a relatively small amount of money to describe the enhancement, and estimate its cost. For example: Turbine estimates a feature would cost $100,000 (just a random number). They post a kickstarter for it. If enough people pledge enough money, they charge those people what they pledged (perhaps with different reward levels), and develop it. Those people would get the feature automatically. Others who wanted it (but didn't pledge) could buy it later with money or TP.

    It might not be practical for small items (such as a new mount) -- too much overhead. It probably wouldn't work for very large items (a whole new zone with quests and such) -- the risk of underestimating might be too high, and the delay between paying and receiving would be too long.

    But for a lot of things, it could work pretty well. It certainly works well for thousands of Kickstarter products.

    Just off the top of my head I can think of lots of features that might work well, such as:

    - Hayoo's Tavern Revelries
    - improved housing
    - improved kinships
    - new PvMP zone or new creep class
    - a new skirmish or raid
    - a new hobby

    You could spend a few hours in the Suggestions forum, and get tons of ideas.

    I for one would gladly pledge for certain features. And others I wouldn't be interested in at all (but if others were, that's great).

    Turbine would get the money in advance - far less risk on their part. They would know for sure what people wanted and were willing to pay for.
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