Greetings fellow LOTRO Forum members

I am a brand new LOTRO player (former WoW player boo) anyways i have managed to lvl my toon to 15 (almost 85 =P) and i have enjoyed every second. LOTRO to me is a massive change from WoW also the content is unbelievable even on a F2P platform! i have been pondering over the different price plans VIP, Turbine Points, Quest Packs, Expansion Packs etc etc but i am at a crossroads which i can not find any information on. I apologise now if this has been posted a thousand times before. However i am looking to invest some time, money into LOTRO as the game, lore and other very in depth yet cool things have started to tickle my fancy. My Questions are this.

1) If i buy all the expansion packs (the triple bundle) does this include all the extra quest packs that you can buy?
1.a) If the answer to the above is no you need to buy all the quest packs + exp packs to get the most content which should i go for 1st? Looking at playing the game at each step.

2) If i buy a VIP sub (used to this due to WoW) do i still need to invest money in turbine points to get more content (not inc expansion packs i.e.: helms deep)?

3) Is there any websites (noxxic etc) that i can refer to, to get the best in slot items, Cool downs, rotation, Gems, Enchants, basically all the stuff i used to do in WoW to better my toon?

4) what is the community like within LOTRO? Is it the same as WoW (from my experience very toxic, troll ridden. Unless in a guild or with friends)

Again apologies if this has been posted a thousand times before.

On a side note this game has blown me away in every way since i installed it on my mac (yes mac gamer hence WoW, i know, i know macs aren't for gaming =P) the lore, complexity, general hardness of gameplay, basically everything appears to be a better version of WoW or what WoW used to be in classic and i would really like to get into LOTRO for a good while (spent over 4 years in WoW) to feed my mac MMORPG addiction =P Please don't get me wrong I'm not new to MMO's as i run a successful guild in WoW + weekly raids, website, vent & all the other stuff for a MMO just need a few pointers to get the most bang for my buck!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
Happy hunting