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    Wink Housing Update Information

    I need a little help. My Kin want to all move to the same neighborhood but we are afraid to by if they will just wipe the system and we lose everything in the update. Does anyone know if the revamp will be that drastic that soon or can we take over the neighborhood.
    Thanks for input,
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    I dont think they would do a wipe with housing. To many players have our Maintenance maxed out and other factors. So if they did do a wipe it would totally make players way more angry than their are players upset about the class changes, if ya catch my drift. at most what I think will happen is they will come out with the housing revamp/changes and their might be a bug or issue which may cause temporary loss of items at most. But im sure turbine will do a back up first before implementing the update just to be safe. Not to mention I think Turbine will also test the update to make sure it functions as intended on test servers before allowing it to go near a live server. I know there are a lot of players atm waiting to see how the housing will change before buying a house or moving to a new neighborhood.

    I hope this helps.

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    Take over the neighboorhood before helms deep, and buy all the storage. That will put you in the best possible position going forward.
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    Thank you

    Thank you both for your responses. Looks like me invade this weekend...



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