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Thread: The Popu

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    The Popu

    I was just wondering if anyone knew if Dwarrowdelf still has a "healthy" population.

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    Well on one hand there seems to be a lot less bacon usage around here then there once was, and we all know how unhealthy bacon is.
    But on the other hand i don't see much /pushups going on anymore either, and you cant be all that healthy without exercise.

    i would say the population is somewhere in the middle ground, not unhealthy, but not the healthiest either.

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    I would say the pop is not healthy at all. GLFF has very few people on it compared to a year ago, I see very few new people actually playing and staying. The AH has only top level gear on it ftmp ... a year ago this was not the case which indicated a growth of new players. The prices on the AH are insane compared to a healthy server, there are only really a couple of end game raiding kins. PVMP it is def not healthy, almost all back door tr, grams and gv camps - Almost no RVR or small Group V small Group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pivik View Post
    no RVR or small Group V small Group.
    maybe bcus if freeps get into their small group 2good healers creeps have to make craid to even try to get some coordination to get them down...wargs pouncing guards, fearing dpsers, while minis are runnin around and healing like there world is going to an end.
    they is mostly no good ppl to do top-quality small group. last time when i grouped with 2wls and defiler i was still being killed. maybe bcus im always out of range, idk...

    not my fault freeps are runnin that far away when im targeting them, im hurtless
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