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    Lightbulb The return of the dps- group/ tank group raid ?

    Hey fellow captains!

    I´d like to discuss which raid setup you would prefer. Since I only know captain, minstrel, guardian, and lore-master from the beta, feel free to correct me! In particular it would be good to know the implications of the change to burglars and rune-keepers.

    Big Battle raid:

    Though I suspect a hybrid build with In Harm´s way has some advantages because the raid might split in more than two groups at times, I think red offers the best overall performance because of its absolutely amazing damage buffs.

    classic scaled raid:

    I think it would be preferable to split the raid into a damage group, and a tank group.

    The damage group consists of a red captain (with some blue), a yellowish hybrid minstrel, a blue lore- master (yellow for dangerous pulls), and three damage dealers.

    Note that such a setup is QUITE vulnerable because neither captain nor minstrel can save a DD in the very early fight from dying if the DD makes too many new friends.
    Note further that blue lore- master now have their own little "oathbreaker" which probably buffs the group more than a burglar could do if he would be in the damage group.

    The tank group consists of a yellow captain, a yellow guardian, a blue minstrel/ rk, a burglar, and 2 other friends.

    Note that a captain-off tank and a captainish guardian are almost a perfect match; both strengthen each other´s roles greatly. If only one tank is enough it is possible that the captain switches to hybrid for more damage buffs.

    Note further that I´m unsure if a burglar should be outside the damage group though his personal damage is much higher than the lore-master´s and his pet´s.
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    big battle's raid will probably turn out with Group A being 2engineers on the catapults, 1 commander and 2 helpers at the wall, it doesn't really matter to much what classes these are. Group B on the other hand will need to run to quests and will mostly likely need 3 dps, 1 support (CC is awesome in BB's), 1 healer and a tank.

    normal content I do agree with you. a tank group and dps group makes sense when you start looking at the classes and how they buff each other.



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