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    Why would a Hobbit leave the shire? (Making a new character)

    Greetings, I've been tempted to try RP in LOTRO for a long time and decided (As some of my friends have done so already) to give it a bash, I'd like to RP a Hobbit Warden but I'm having difficulty thinking of a decent reason why he'd leave the Shire and mingle with the races of man, dwarves and possibly elves. I'm not one for being stuck in a single region (The Shire, in this case) so I'm open to any suggestions as to how I could go about doing this. Thoughts so far have included living in Bree and getting framed for a crime and being forced to run away, but not sure how far I could really take that in the long run. Ideally I need a long-term reason, as if it gets resolved (if it's a problem that makes him move from home) then I will have to find -another- reason to continue mingling with other races and towns. Hobbits are quiet folk, and bar a few exceptions they will not voluntarily go on "adventures" except maybe just walking a few miles away then turning back.

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    Normally I don't RP my hobbits beyond the lands of Bree and in one case, Rivendell. But saying that, I do have one that rp's all the world over - she's looking for her brother.

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    Hullo! Glad to see another hobbit roleplayer!

    In me own opinion, the reasons don't have to be too convoluted. Some hobbits, not least Fallohides and especially those of the Took family, were known for their sometimes unusual behaviour. This could at times lead to a sudden yearning for adventures and travelling outside of the Shire bounds (of course, this quality wasn't really valued by the rest of the Shire hobbits, who would think the adventurers as somewhat less respectable).

    If yer use this as a primary motivation, yer could easily roleplay a hobbit travelling the world without too much of a lore-stretch. Granted, there are likely far more adventurous RP hobbits on Laurelin than there ever were in Tolkien's plans, but that's a concession you have to make to enjoy the game mechanics and exploring the game world.

    Staying in-character as a hobbit while on the road is fabulous fun. I recommend that you keep some typical hobbit traits; for instance, no situation is ever so dangerous that you should lose out on seven meals a day, and being somewhat curious, careless and naive about the big folk ways can be fun too.

    Else, do stop by the Shire from time to time to enjoy some of the many hobbit events, we have a lot of things going on here. You can check the calendar on The Bramblebury Gazette for up-to-date information about what's planned:

    Good luck! And have fun!
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    I have a Hobbit Warden from Needlehole. I RP him as the son of Bounder Chubb (you will find this NPC in Needlehole), who is training to become a bounder, like his father. He has met many Dwarves in Needlehole who travel to and from the Blue Mountains and has enjoyed hearing their tales. This has caused him to develop a bit of wanderlust, so he has arranged to leave the boundaries of the Shire by arranging an apprenticeship under Constable Bolger in Staddle (a relation from his mother's side).

    Once he is in/near the "big city" of Bree, it's fairly easy to see how he could get caught up in other adventures that would take him to other lands.

    Good luck to you!

    ETA: I suppose I could've also RP'd him as reluctant to leave the Shire, but there was some reason forcing him to complete a "keeper of the peace" internship/apprenticeship with the Staddle Bolgers. That probably makes a better story than the oft-used "wanderlust" excuse
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    I've always thought the idea of a Hobbit mailman/woman who often delivers letters from the Shire to Bree or Ered Luin getting caught up in some sort of situation that ends up having them travel from region to region, without a clue of what their future may hold for them next, would be really entertaining and fun to RP!

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    One way to resolve this is indeed to originate in Bree, where there are of course plenty of Hobbits that permanently live outside the Shire but certainly have business and family connections to it. It's reasonable that Bree Hobbits would get about more and be more confident doing so. They are already used to the ways of the big folk and exposed to many more strange travellers tales - and indeed strange travellers - than most Shire Hobbits. And they live on the edge of the Wild to boot. Very reasonable for a Bree hobbit to have business that takes them to the Shire as well, both personal, especially in Buckland, and commercial. I like the idea of the Out of Bounds quickpost, Posto Patman always gets through!

    Further afield is trickier. Specific reasons could stem from trade - dwarves do like a bit of good pipe weed after all - obligation and need. Curiosity and wanderlust whilst a bit cliched are good reasons. There is a generation of Shire Hobbits to be inspired by tales of mad Baggins, rather than cautioned as their parents might have hoped! And under the surface the Shire is less 'respectable' than it lets on. We know that Farmer Maggot has dealings with Tom Bombadil, and that Lotho is already doing business with Isengard for instance.

    Being further afield is perhaps less problematic than been seen further afield. A hobbit in the wild could easily avoid being spotted by most creatures, especially the big folk, unless clanking around in heavy armour, and we know from the text that as we get away from the Shire and Bree, hobbits become largely the stuff of fairy tales and folklore. Doesn't mean the odd one isn't there, but they are mostly unnoticed if they are. However, there are a places we can go that the text doesn't cover, which turbine themselves have taken advantage of in Enedwaith for example.

    Personally, I always feel a bit strange when hobbiting about in the wider world. In Eregion at present, and it feels uncomfortable from an RP POV - having a reason to be there - and from a lore POV. A lone hobbit in Eregion hot on the heels of the Fellowship is going to quickly attract the wrong sort of attention and find themselves very much of interest to both the Hand and the Eye unless they are very, very careful, bearing in mind both are putting a lot of effort into hunting for hobbits in just such a location. Being a hobbit at the end of the Third Age far from home is a dangerous pastime!
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