Hello my friends,

I was wondering if there are any kinships that are joinable. I joined the game a few days ago, and I have always like being around friendly players. I am striving too be apart of an mature, and hard roleplaying kinship!


Race: Man
Class: Guardian
Level: 15
Activity: 2-6 hours a day
Language: English only
Country: US
***it would be a bonus if the kinship had a ts3(teamspeak) or talked in chat***

A little about me

As a gamer I strive to play by the rules, and always strive to respect other players. I prefer chatting using a mic, but I am okay with just typing. I prefer a mature crowd, but that can have a good laugh when needed. I also would like to spend many days, hours, and even years playing, while growing as a "family'! Thank you all for reading, and have a great day!