Dig deep, because they will not find themselves!

What is the most remember-able, outlandish, agonizing....straight up, jacked up, jack stinks, no sasquatch winks......quotes that have fortunately (or unfortunately) come by the wayside in your time?

Bonus points if you can come up with one from not only someone else......but from yourself.

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First, I want to point out that this isn't a QQ or a troll thread in any fashion. This is a sincere inquiry to the player base at large.

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Toq what'd you give to Spidey?

He's talking all crazy right now.....about things like etiquette, and 1v1s....

Your scaring me Spidey.....next thing you know you'll be recycling, raking your neighbors leaves, and buying organic vegtables.

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Ever heard of a Burglar?

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"You might be in a Nimrodel 1v1 thread if... "

Hellokitty has been mentioned.

You died in a pvp zone.

The words 'Burg' and 'mad skillz' are actually suppost to make sense when used in a sentence.

Being Zerged is talked about more than 1v1's.

Derailment improves the qualiity of the thread.

War Leaders don't bother replying.

I would like to thank all ya'll for providing all this wonderful material. Im sure i'll have more, but I actually got to be productive at work now

Laters, an Gawd Blesh Americka. And baby jesus

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I got a taco, a feeling, some Maalox, and a plunger.

The first one is the subject material

The second one is a side effect from the subject material

The third one is a mitigation modifier

The forth one is the "oh sh!t" button

We all know it...Same subject material for five years and even now, it still seems to come down to the plunger.

Nobody admits it, but you know deep down.....that everyone has been there at least once. And, despite how many times it has happened, its still funnier than.......sh!t......when it just so happens to somebody else.

Best thing to do is not explain it. Just smile the next time it's their turn. ;]

Man.........you all need to start typing up some funny stuff........

I don't want to be the only jacked-up, jack stinks...lingering 'bout 'round here!