Just finished one of the hardest games in my honest opinion.

This game is so brutal that after you die you lose all of your exp ( souls ) all enemies respawn.

Bosses can kill you with 2 shoots /strikes. Game is designed to suffer.

Its hell. It's only game i actually feared to play. You will learn to fear it. But it teaches you patience and every kill is pure satisfaction and joy.

Its unique. You don't have almost nothing explained. Story , your char and rest of the world are yours to discover. If you kill trader or some imprtant NPC you are screwed up. If you reload he is dead anyway! So you really must be focused non stop. You have to be on constant alert! Any weapon is used differently and. Enemy AI is one of the best I even seen.

I will not comment rest. Will not spoil it for you.

I highly recommend it. But beware it is not for faint hearts ...

You can consider yourself very skilled gamer if you beat. If you really beat this game without trainers or exploits you will able to beat anything else easily. Forget what you played before. This game will test your skills to the max.. Its enormous challenge for newcomer.

Note: Game does not have difficulty level.

You will need Iron nerves and prepare to die A LOT!