There comes a time when the jewels cease to sparkle, when the gold loses its luster, when the throne room becomes a prison, and all that is left is a Guardian's love for devastating POS Creeps.

Tier 4 - Bleed Them Dry (unlocked after spending 20 Ranks in the trait trees) - This passive buff allows to stack up to 10 bleeds (applied by a GRD) on a target.

Tier 5 - Brutal Charge (unlocked after spending 25 Ranks in the trait trees) - This passive buff will alter the way the Charge skill works. Where the Charge skill adds +50% Run Speed for 7s, this passive buff changes Charge to Brutal Charge and adds 5s to the duration) and provides a +10% Melee Damage buff for 17s and will stun/knock down the first target the GRD will hit.

Tier 6 - Heavy Blows (unlocked after spending 30 Ranks in the trait trees) - This passive buff will grant an additional (passive) +10% Melee Damage and +10% Critical Multiplier buff to the GRD and when the GRD lands a critical hit, an additional bleed will be added to the target.

Tier 7 - Prey on the Weak (unlocked after spending 35 Ranks in the trait trees) - This passive buff allows the GRD to deal more damage to the target. This is not a percentage or rating increase, but it depends on how much bleeds are active on the target. The more bleeds (applied by a GRD) are on the target, the more damage the GRD does. In addition the GRD will have a chance to restore some morale, depending on how much bleeds are stacked on the target. Again, the more bleeds that are active on the target, the greater the chance of restoring morale.

Blind Rage - This trait has 5 Ranks and each rank increases the chance of To The King providing a +10% Melee Damage and a -20% Attack Speed buff for 15s. The chance of To The King providing these buff can be increased up to 100%. To rank up this trait it is required that you have the To The King trait ranked up.

Hammer Down - This skill damages the target and provide additional damage when the target is below 25% of it's health. When you defeat the target with this skill it provides a +5% melee damage for 15s and this buff can stack up to 3 times. The buff will expire if you're out of combat for more than 9s. When you land a critical hit with this skill it also restores 2% of your max morale.