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    Ok the issue with housing storage was found. I've now added two known issues to the list.

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    A few months before Helm's Deep launched I "started over" on Landroval, purchased two deluxe homes, and opened up 60 spaces of storage for each home. Both houses held items in storage the day Helm's Deep launched. Three days ago I sold those homes and bought two new deluxe homes in a different neighborhood. The new homes both came with 60 spaces of storage.

    Right before Helm's Deep launched I also purchased 3 small homes on Landroval, opening up 30 units of storage in each home. I did not put anything in the home chests. When I checked these homes a few days ago, all storage was taken away (0 capacity). I sold those homes and purchased three new, small homes in a different neighborhood. The new homes came with 0 units of storage.

    When making the first house move, I sold my old deluxe house, visited the Escrow Broker, cleared out everything there, went to the new neighborhood, and purchased a new deluxe house. When making all subsequent house moves, I sold the house, purchased the new house, then quickly logged out the character. It is no longer necessary to clear out Escrow before buying a new home. Upon logging back in, the Escrow Broker did not have any decorations or housing chest items. After a period of extreme concern, I visited the new home, opened the chest, and found all missing decorations and storage items. To my knowledge, in the process of swapping 8 homes, I did not lose anything. Chest capacity increased to accommodate all Escrow items, but upon removing those items, chest capacity reduced to however many spaces I actually purchased.

    I can also confirm that storage capacity purchased with Gold on Server X has no linkage with storage capacity purchased with Gold on Server Y.

    This all happened on 1/31/2014.

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    The Kinship houses have 180 slots in them each additional 15 slots cost 100 mithril coins if the ob wants to update the main post.


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