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    Only 1-2 item per level ?

    Newbish to crafting little confused

    I'm noticing as a woodworker only 1 recipe 2 types can be made every 5 or solevels. No unique recipes in game still ?

    Everyone's critical success is the same, so market is full of them,Makes crafting items to sale almost pointless until your TOP level which I'm not rushing to

    Ranged Weapons
    LEVEL 16
    1. Stout Ash Spear
    2. Smooth Ash Spear
    >Normal Success: 26-36, 12.3 DPS, +12 Fate.
    >Critical Success: 26-36, 12.3 DPS, +12 Fate, +3 Normal Success to Orc-kind.

    Hope Im wrong

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    The way crafting works for all professions. There maybe a few exceptions. There is a single recipe for a particular item - like a spear - or boots (heavy) for each level. It may have a regular and critical result. There may be multiple outputs with different stats especially for jewelery. Some levels are skipped.

    Level 14
    Level 16
    Level 18
    Level 20
    Level 22
    Level 25
    Level 28
    Level 31

    I will stop now. In your case, you have a lot of empty spots in your recipe book. Here is a good resource:
    for crafting recipes.

    As you noted there is no variation on crafted items. The stats are fixed. Loot, instance and barter gear have fixed stats or very limited fixed choices.

    Quest gear is just is good or better than all but the highest stat crafted items. Combine that lack of benefit with ease of leveling content where you are tearing your opponents what ever you find. Plus you are only going to use a level 22 spear for 2 hours of game play. There is little to no incentive to buying crafted gear. Why bother making or going to the auction hall when you could use that 10 - 30 minutes getting a large portion of or an entire level.

    What I typically do is make the hardest hitting weapon that I can for my little one. I use it for an hour or two. I upgrade to something that hits harder. You got to kill to complete to complete quests. Hit harder - level quicker. I make these weapons ahead of time myself for my little one. This situation is another problem. People do not bother buying. They want it. They make it.

    When you try to sell something you are running into:
    1) I do not need this spear. Not buying.
    2) It is more time efficient to hunt than waste time going to an auction hall and back.
    3) Why bother? I am only going to use it one day.
    4) I will make it myself
    5) There are ten of thousands of people capable of making them. As a producer you are chasing very customers with a lot of competition.
    6) People pay well for raw materials. Why bother making anything when you can sell a stack of logs for 1+ gold.
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    Thank you for the great reply


    It's pretty much same system as Swtor and wow.

    Especial like you said when someone is willing 300% more for the resources to grind.

    ........maybe some day someone will get it right. SWG was the last one I recall had true unique crafted items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolvgar View Post
    Especial like you said when someone is willing 300% more for the resources to grind.
    It is people like me that are buying the materials. I have over a thousand gold. I have planned out the spears my little Warden is going to poke things with. I do not bother much with looking for finished spear. Instead I go thru this process:

    1) Do I have the materials?

    2) No. Which is quicker for me
    a) Earn gold on a high level character buy the mats. You can earn a lot of gold in an hour.
    b) Gather the mats with a high level character

    3) Make the spear(s) that I want.

    If I am using option 2a. I will look for that spear at an affordable price. The problem is that I may only be in the market for one specific level 22 spear in 2013 for five minutes out of the 525,600 minutes in 2013.
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