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    Where to find Sienna now?

    I have searched this forum, and one person said it drops from copper nodes now, but that is all the info i could find. So I mined every copper node in the Shire and got none. There is none in the AH. Am I just unlucky? Does it really drop from copper nodes now?

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    Out of curiosity just now I took one of my mains out to see if I could find sienna in copper nodes. I got a piece on the second node I harvested near the Yellow Tree outside the South Gate of Bree (Meneldor server).

    So, the beta bug with sienna not dropping has apparently been resolved. My guess is that you may have come along on a re-spawned area that just didn't have any sienna drops generated. Alternatively, someone could have gone through looking specifically for sienna and left the other drop items on the nodes for the next prospector for some reason. Timing is everything when prospecting in high-traffic, low-level tier regions, especially outside of Bree.

    Hang in there and good luck!

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    Red face

    Thank you very much for taking the time to do this! I'll give it another try.

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    You're quite welcome!



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