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    What (if any) LI related items do you get as epic quest rewards in the HD expansion?

    Hi all--

    I've hit level 95 but have not done nearly all the quests available. My first instinct was to craft level 95, 2nd age LIs so that all the remaining XP I'm going to get from finishing the quests gets funneled into leveling the weapons--but then I thought I might hold out until I sought the answer to this question. If you get a scroll of delving, scroll of empowerment, 2nd age symbol, or shard as an epic quest reward, then I don't want to waste my skirmish marks, iron coins, or gold on the AH buying something that I'll end up getting soon as a freebee.

    So those who have completed all the quests: Do you get anything as a reward like with the previous expansion? For your reference, I've just started level 93 landscape and epic quests, so I have two more levels worth of quests to complete.

    Elbineezerscrooge - Landroval

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    The end reward is a symbol for crafting 95 2nd age also eorlinghas scroll of delving and enhancement.

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    The shard can be obtained from ressource nodes, silver warband boxes and from the helmingas barter vendor for iron coins at kindred - if you finish all quests you will probably have enough to buy the two ports and one shard; however there are no daylies for more besides warbands so far.
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