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    HD - Creep class changes

    Hey, not sure on the current CDs, so will post a quick summary with most CDs and changes that I've seen so far for creeps.


    New damage type to replace common: Orc craft, and wargs get Fell-wrought

    All of creeps base critical defence has been removed

    Extra 6 corruption slots and bonuses for stacking corruptions

    Bonuses: Accidentally added 2 crit bonuses, rather than tact mits, so another one here

    Logout is reduced from 25s to 10s, also, this means huggers can easily get out of trouble


    Charge: Reduced from 30s CD to 20s, but has gotten back its old god awful animation that can be interrupted.

    Wrath: From 2m CD to 35s, sudden strikes still reduces CD.

    Glory in victory: 20s CD from 45s

    Gut punch: 8s CD from 10s

    Disarm: 25s CD from 1m

    Dust: 15s CD from 1m

    Upper hand: 15s CD from 45s

    Against the Odds: 3m CD from 10m

    Ravage: 4s CD from I forget

    Dev strike: 30s CD from 1m, 20s with trait.

    Mutilation: 10s CD from 20s

    Blade toss: 20s CD from 1m

    Severing strike: 20s CD from 1m


    Not familiar with this class, so I'll post CDs of what I do know currently and post other CDs I'm unsure on

    Toxic Carapace: 1m from 1m 30s

    Piercing attack: 2s from 3s?

    Poison spray: 8s from ?

    Envenom: 8s from ?

    Mephitic: 12s from ?

    Latent poison: 20s from 1m

    Smothering web: 1m from 5m

    Web the earth: 25s from 1m

    Grasping web: 30s from ?

    Virulent poison: 12s from ?

    Drink deep: 20s from ?

    Snaring web: 15s from ?

    Entangling web: 8s from ?

    Catch prey: 15s from ?


    Imp Vital target: 40s from 2m

    Moving target: 40s (yes 40s) from 5m

    Headshot: 15s from ?

    Explosive arrow: 20s from ?

    Steadfast barrage: 30s from ?

    Revenge: still 20s

    Fire trap: 25s from ?

    Flaming arrow: 15s from 20s

    Snare: 30s from ?

    Gash: 10s from ?

    Tangleshot: 15s from ?

    Imp. Punctured target: 5s from ?

    Hindering shot: 5s from 8s


    Banner of horror/terror: 2m 20s from ?

    Snap out of it!: 20s from ?

    Quitters never win: 3m from ?, 1m untraited

    Crack the whip: 4s from ?

    On your feet!: 1m from 5m?

    Intimidating shout: 20s

    Shield bash: 20s from ?

    Black speech: 20s from ?

    Menacing roar still 45s

    Quit whining: 10s from ?

    Cleave: 4s from ?

    Call to Shadow: 1m from ?

    Field promotion setback to its old 2m


    HIPS and Sprint: 3m from 5m, 1m 30s traited

    Rallying howl: 15s from 30s

    Swipe: 10s from 20s

    Rapid bite: 10s from 45s

    Scratch and snip: 15s from 30s

    Fleas: 25s from 45s

    Snap: 25s from 1m

    Dire Howl: 1m from 5m

    Eye rake: 8s from 15s (3s with trait)

    Tendon Shred: 3m from 5m

    Throat rip: 20s from 1m

    Maul: Unchanged

    Savage fangs: Unchanged

    Pack flayers: 15s from 30

    Howl of Unnerving: 20s from 1m


    Plague Gourd: 8s from ?

    staff bash: 3s from ?

    Fell restoration: 30s from ?

    Effloresence: 20s from ?

    Curse of the Lethargic Heart: 15s from ?

    Fungal spores: 3s from ?

    Curse of deadly sorrows: 15s from ?

    Tenderize: 5s from ?

    Curse of Rotten flesh: 15s from ?

    Explosive Gourd: 15s from ?

    Gooey Gourd: 15s from ?

    Blight: 30s from ?

    Constant pain: 10s from ?

    Fertile slime: 6s from ?

    Fungal bloom: 4s from ?

    Coward's soul: 15s from ?

    Fire gourd: 6s from ?

    Blessing of Darkness: 1m 20s from ?

    (If I missed anything or anything is wrong or anything else gets updated, do shout to me)
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