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The Devs are still working on things and lots of changes can happen quickly before release. Typically the devs work on versions of the code that are several iterations beyond what the testers get to see in beta. So what we see is already "old news".

We really don't want balance - in one sense. During one test, Creeps and Freeps stood toe to toe at GV and slugged it out for 2 hours. Nearly no one died except the noob toons rolled for the event. Both sides were nearly breathing in each others faces and the action did not die down until the end of the test. It was very "balanced".

We need some un-balanced parts to make things interesting. This is what makes the strengths and weaknesses important. It's nice to have God Mode but when the other side has the same - not much is going to really happen.

So, consider that some classes will have plus skills maybe OP ones, other classes will be weaker. Each side has strengths and weaknesses too. Freeps can switch up their trait trees in a moment of being out of combat, but creeps will get 12 slots and set bonuses to counter. Creeps can overcome the "strength" of a freep trying to switch up traits, by keeping them in combat, just like currently. New tactics will emerge as both sides learn the limits of their classes and groups/solo abilities.

What we really want is variety not balance.

I really don't like the sounds of this. It does indicate a poor thought process in approach to PvP, I'll tell you why:

1. Having unbalanced parts doesn't make anything interesting, it just makes the game frustrating, that is why so many people are submitting complaints. We would like, generally, to have balance in capacity to deal out DPS and to give/receive heals. Different classes will have different skills and traits etc. But why should any have an over-all advantage over any other? So when I consider some classes having "plus skills maybe OP ones..." I am immediately reminded of the situation we have had for some time now.

2. On numerous occasions I have seen Freeps and Creeps fight at GV or Grams the way you describe and not so many toons get killed on some occasions (except over zealous lowbies). Because everyone usually backs away to get a heal when needed. Anyway, can you accurately tell us what the numbers were on each side, the classes, ranks etc? I'm guessing Freeps were out numbered and out gunned on this occasion. I am also guessing that your comment on this is not entirely reliable anyway, that's just going by your comments that I read compared to my broad observations and experiences with this sort of thing.

3. Why would we want weaker classes? Who's going to use them? Again, poor thinking toward PvP development. Every one class ought to have as much chance to win against any other class as any other class would (read that sentence again if you need to, it makes sense I promise). Although the way in which the different classes do that would vary. Variety is not imbalance. You really ought to be thinking "we want variety and no imbalance".

Hopefully I have put into good enough perspective my claim of Turbine's poor approach to PvP development. Maybe they cannot devide between the idea of what having variety is and what the problem of imbalance is.

I'll have to leave it there since it is late for me and I need some shut eye.

Before I go I would like to comment on the warg CD changes I see mentioned earlier. My thinking on that is we don't really need CD reductions, we need more access to DPS. We are a melee only class no ranged DPS. Hunters and RK's have tremendous DPS compared and they don't even have to let us touch them if they can avoid it. Keep the silly Disappear skill and give us that sort of DPS please. Give my warg what my champ has and I will never need it!!

Soulwarg R11 Crick.