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So you imply he broke the NDA ( or was somehow 'involved' in it, whatever that is supposed to mean ) and it's up to others to prove he didn't. Where I come from, you don't throw around allegations and then say 'ah well you can't prove they didn't do it can you?'. If you have evidence he broke the NDA in any shape or form, you should say. If not, you should admit there is no evidence whatsoever that Fredelas was involved in breaking the NDA and stop throwing baseless dirt. Apparently you don't see baseless accusations as toxic.

Maybe you can imagine what it's like to be accused of something without any evidence, and yet be unable to respond to refute those claims. Mob justice at its finest.
Agreed 100%. I think its disrespectful to attack someone when they can't even defend themselves.

Seeing the negativity and accusations here is really starting to depress me.