Looking at the Mounted Combat skills of a Burglar, I think I might be missing something... Let me list the skills and their effects.

  • [Ride By]
    X-Y Damage; DoT (15s); Increase PC and steed Armor (10s); 10% Slow (10s), steed morale heal on crit
  • [Keen Strike]
    X-Y Damage, -10% mitigation; 6% Evade (6s); steed morale heal on crit
    +Stratagem DoT (4s), -20% Crit defense (20s); Drain target morale, Attacker gains morale, steed morale heal, -10% Tactical defense (6s); Target cannot move, +50% miss chance (8s), -10% speed (30s)
  • [Jollification]
    X-Y Damage; steed morale heal on crit
    +Stratagem DoT, Drain steed morale (14s), +10 melee damage (12s); +Parry/+Evade, Reflect (DoT, Drain steed Morale (14s)) (12s); +25% Crit chance (12s)
  • [Strategic Strike]
    X-Y Damage, DoT on crit; steed morale heal on crit
    +Stratagem +20% crit chance (12s), -12s cooldown; -25% hit chance; -6s cooldown
  • [All in the Wrist]
    X-Y Damage, DoT (24s); +50% Evade chance, +6% Evade chance AoE; Force target to ride infront, +15% positional damage (18s)
  • [Trick: Impugn Character]
    X-Y Damage, Charm target (20s); DoT (20s); -X AC on Target and their steed (18s), +6% Evade chance AoE (6s); -X Target Evade rating (18s)
  • [Burglar's Treat]
    +10% Devastate damage (15s); +X steed armor (24s); Morale bubble (18s), steed morale bubble (18s)

So, am I missing something, or is there almost no in-combat heals? No morale heals, no power heals, no steed power heals. The only steed morale heals are from crits in Riddermark stance.

I've played Captain, Champion, Hunter, Lore-Master, Minstrel, Rune-Keeper and Warden through to 85, and through their Mounted Combat. Each of them have at least one Morale heal, Steed morale heal, Power heal, and Steed power heal. So, am I not too far off base to conclude that Burglar's Mounted Combat is utter garbage? And, that the only thing Stratagem is good for is avoiding combat, because any War-Band would eat a Burglar alive?