After August 2013 update i been experience a very annoying issue, i log into my account, load 1 of my 6 toons (5 85's) and sometimes game runs ok for a hour or so then it freeze or it happen that as soon i log it freeze, so its not a timed issue it happen randomly, this freeze force me to reboot the PC.
Before the update i did NOT have a issue like this ever.

PC information:
Windows 8 64 bit
8 GB ram
ATI Radeon HD 7850
SSD 64 GB and a normal HD of 500 GB

So the whole histoy, with the update back on august i reinstalled the game beacuse of the "pre-req" issue, after that was solve i start having the issues i still have so i sent a ticket to Turbine Tech support, were i have been talking to them trying to find the cause for 2 months 1 week with out succed.

What i have tried:
- Redownload and reinstall the game (with previusly cleaning LOTRO folders, etc) 2 times
- Downloaded and installed new Video card drivers
- Started and tested game on a cleanboot start (to test other programs interference)
- Runned a full antivirus and malware search
- downgrade grapichs to verylow (annoying)
- checked videocard temperature while playing game
- Checked firewall permission
- Checked Network connecting issues
- something else i cant remember..

Did all that and NOTHING has work...

Is real disturbing to cant play the game as it should work, as a player in a raiding kin its been a nightmare i cant think on going to raids until the freeze problem dissapear, i cant go to moors until its fixed, i just cant play... i been like this for 2 months so i runned out of patience, and HD is coming out in 15 Days.

Looks like theres no solution for this, and Turbine trying to blame my PC for a problem started after their update and only occurs when playing LOTRO, if any of you guys have same issue or a solution im glad to hear/try.