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    quests in eorlsmead quest line broken

    My hunter has reached lvl 85 and I decided to go back and finish some old deeds/quests.
    I went through my quest log and found I have done 17 quests in the Quests in Eorlsmead deed.
    The last one I completed was "Instance: Stanric's Stand". I have gone back to Gadda in Stangard and she is standing
    outside the mead hall but has no quest ring. Stanric is NOT in his house nor anywhere else I can find in Stangard.
    Gadda is supposed to offer me "The Stone of Friendship" to continue but doesn't. I've been to the Wailing Hills, the Cuthstan,
    the Limlight Gorge, and Frithstan's Camp.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to advance this quest series? thanks.

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    answering my own query in case it helps others.

    while roaming north of Stangard, I came across Landroval the eagle who
    had a message for me. The message led me back to Stangard to the gateguard
    who gave me a quest to go to the abandoned house where Gadda was relocated
    and the quest series continues. I missed the logic how one got from Instance: Stanric's Stand
    to Landroval the eagle. perhaps Saruman stole the quest.

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    As you start questing in Eorlsmead, you only get some of the quests to fulfill the deed. Then, the quest chain sends you to the wailing hills.
    Do all the quests in the Hills and the quest chain will return you to Eorlsmead with enough quests to finish the deed before sending you to Parth Celebrant.

    If you don't follow that path, you're doing them out of order.



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