My suggestion to improve the *cough* "balance" *cough* in the Ettenmoors is to do away with the Outpost capture quest all together and to make the Outposts colour directly dependant on which Keeps a faction has.

This would mean that whenever 1 factions controls most of the keeps (generally whichever faction has the most players at a certain time), the other faction receives the damage buffs.

Players would actually have to consider if getting an additional +20% infamy/renown buff is worth losing another Outpost.

The way I see it implementation could be fairly straight forward:
The faction that has Lug automatically doesn't have the river Outpost.
The faction that has the Lumber camp automatically doesn't have the South Outpost.
The faction that has the Isendeep Mine automatically doesn't have Arador's Outpost.
The faction that has Tirith Raw automatically doesn't have the Isendeep Outpost.

Tol could be free for all and not influence Outposts one way or the other.

If a Keep is flipped, or auto-flips, the Outpost just changes with it.

Any constructive criticism?