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    Enedwaith "The Edge of the Wild"

    I am taking an alt through Enedwaith, and there is a quest that is meant to start the questline in Lhanuch, but it is not being offered to me. According to Google, "The Edge of the Wild" is a 65 quest picked up from Braigiar in Echad Dagoras, or Himeinior in the Gloomglens. However, I have exhausted those areas quests, but it is still not offered. Without this quest, all I can do in Lhanuch is talk to the White Hand emmissary.

    My alt is 84, which I don't think should matter, since all other quests I have seen and completed, even much lower level ones.

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    I think that 1 is unlocked when you follow the epic.

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    I'm having the same problem. I did the same quests with my hobbit and my dwarf up to this point. The hobbit got this quest and the dwarf didn't. Both are level 71.

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    Did you talk to the Algraig guy, Wadu, in Echad Dagoras? He is easily overlooked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polymachos View Post
    Did you talk to the Algraig guy, Wadu, in Echad Dagoras? He is easily overlooked.
    Yeah, I had to talk to him for the epic quests. I already got to the part where he is dead on the road, so he's not at Echad Dagoras anymore when I go there.

    I noticed another weird thing - I'm wondering if it could be connected. There is a guy named Idhrenfair right next to the guy who's supposed to be giving the quest, Himeinior. Idhrenfair is a vendor and if I click on him, I can open up the vendor panel. But there is no icon over his head indicating that he is a vendor. I thought maybe all the icons were missing at this location, Echad Idhrenfair, but when I click on Himeinior, he still doesn't offer a quest.

    I've looked at the wiki and I don't see that there is any pre-requisite for this quest. I think I might try filing a bug report. I don't mind missing out on one quest, but I need this one to open the quests in Lhanuch.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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    Did you check out the hobbit boots at the gate, or any of the hobbit related stuff in the Gloomglens ? When you take that quest it initiates talking to Idhrenfair in the gloomglens, which then opens up the others quests including Edge of the Wild for the approach to Lhanuch and the subsequent quest dealing with exposing the emmisary for what he is.

    Since you didn't mention Maur Tulhau, i assume that this may be the case.



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