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    Solo Hunter Video (Life as a Hunter 4)

    To all the freeps and creeps that will take the time to watch this hunter video.. ENJOY!

    And to those that will troll... I won't even bother.

    [b]Brandywine[/b] - Goold R15 Hunter - GomGoms R10 Champion - R7 Burg - R6 Minstrel
    [b]Landroval[/b] - Stagul R12 Reaver - Gomber R10 Guard - Elvurith R9 RK - R8 BA -
    R8 Warg x2 - R7 WL - R7 DEF - R6 Spider

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    at leist the wargs i see in your video don't run away when they are losing, like happened lots of times with me... but nice to see, looks like i need a couple of ranks more to become less squishy...
    Flixxer - Hunter - Imladris - 100 R7 ---- Danielleth - Minstrel - Imladris - 22
    Zaireth - Rune-keeper - Imladris - 73 -- Ariannasophia - Warden - Imladris - 14
    Flixxer - Champion - Eldar - 54

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    Nice swift travel from those reavers at grams.
    Meshoot, rank 10 Blackarrow; Hazghnaz, rank 7 Reaver; Blackdingus, r6 Defiler
    Officer of Freepaphiles, Riddermark; Founder of DANCES WITH FREEPS, Gladden
    Aka Grumpis the honorable Mustelidian Pew Pew of love and cheery brightness.
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