Per a GM I have a bug report on this issue but am looking to see if anyone currently is having this issue and if so, have you found a solution?:

My friend and I are questing in Mirkwood. Just starting 2 days ago, as soon I joined him in Mirkwood I had the Dynamic Layer alert (he did not get the alert notification). I was just a party member, so I clicked the Icon to travel to his layer, the load screen came up, and when I reloaded into game I had not moved to his layer. I tried this several times to no effect. Decided to switched leadership and see what happened. He still did not get the alert but I did, only now it said I was the leader and to have my fellow travel over to me. . .which we could not do obviously.

I decided to put in a ticket and the next day the reply was to put in a bug report, which I promptly did. It's been 2 days but it takes 3-5 days to process. No biggie.

Now my buddy and I were fellow'd up again and (him in a different toon) and decided to try out Mirkwood again. Same issue, only now it's reversed. He has the dynamic layer alter notification and I do not, and his does not bring him to my layer either.

So, is anyone going through this right now?