My warden is only a year old, was 85 at mid 2013. Now 95, like many other wardens players, I miss the pre-HD class. It turned to damage tanking instead of aggro management tanking. Yes, tanking was a bit harder, but much more fun.
Why Turbine removed the old threat mechanics? I don't know the earliers versions of wardens, but RoR warden was very good for my taste.

My personal wishes for 2014 Warden:
- Give back the pre-HD threat mechanics (transfer with Agression, Dance of War, Conviction...), not based upon damage. We can't generate threat without damage with Call to Battle and Resounding Challenge) , it can be tricky for some fights where bosses or adds have very limited moral or heal when taking damage.
- Physical/Tactical mitigation : we are now far from guards, Defiant Challenge for a solo boss will only bring the cap to 58% (with the legacy) ; revert to the older Defiant challenge, or add a new legacy/gambit to help have more mitigation (says about 70/75% for 30 seconds).
- BPE : since we are in medium armour, we are supposed to take more damage, so why our BPE is lower than Guard or Captains? Let's raise the cap to 30% or more to compensate for the lowers mitigations.