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    Thank You Devs for not Auto-Porting me the Treasure Hunt

    As someone who has no real interest in the Treasure Hunt event, it's so much nicer for me to complete the Treasure Hunt "Announcement" quest, then delete the map item, than it is to be auto-ported to Festival Grounds and have to run or port back to where I started.

    Please change all of the seasonal Festival quests of this type to work in this manner.
    Thiranigor (CPT) - Alyshia (CHN) - Thangoril (RK) - Menthol (GRD) - Eccentrica (MIN) - Ederoth (HNT)
    Gladden - Shadows of Elendilmir

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    I strongly agree with this post!
    Having to keep that quest granting bubble there all the time to avoid traveling to festivals makes it harder to realize that you got a new landscape quest.

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    That was actually changed with the last event already.
    Not accepting the quest would port you, but finishing it.

    So if you auto-accepted quests it was in the tracker of course, but it would not show a bubble or port you.

    The current solution is even better I think.

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    I <3 it because also us peeps who DO like the event like it too! When I first log on to LOTRO I go to the HA and check it... I need it! it's like what I first log on to LOTRO I need it like when you first wake up you need coffee...well tea in my case...but when I'm done with the hole AH stuff... I go port there when I FEEL like it!
    This is an other great thing added to a great game! xD



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