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    Back in the Moors after long hiatus

    Hello all!

    I’ve just started coming back to the Moors. It’s been a over a year since I last ran around the Moors and a long while since I spent time out here regularly. Many of the old faces/names are gone. There are lots of Creeps/Freeps who are new to me. I’ve been out several times since my return this fall. I’ve been out 1v1’ing with my kinnies who’ve been very patient in helping to rehabilitate my old skills and learn new ones. I’ve been out in a couple of good size raids. I’ve small grouped a couple of times. I love all of it (though, as always, I enjoy raiding the most) and am relearning and learning a lot.

    Any help/advice about play is greatly appreciated. A lot of you have made mincemeat of me and I muchly appreciate those who are patient enough to 1v1 against me. In raids, I hope to regain my old skills and learn new ones quickly. I also want to acknowledge those who’ve made room for me in their group/raid. I know how to use the target assist in raids and am pretty good at doing so. I know I don’t put out the damage others might be able to. I hope to change that with practice and as I attain new gear. I will not be putting any time in getting a 85 first age, but when the expansion comes out, I’ll gear up as fast as I can.

    Thanks again to those who've welcomed me back and helped me out. I look forward to all kinds of fights and fun in the future.

    P.S. Please don't advise me to leave Windy. It ain't gonna happen.
    Deorwyn (Champion)
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    Welcome back. Glad to see any champ in the moors not running Glory.

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    Deo. The next update will probably require you to relearn alot of things anyway so you will be in the same boat as alot of people. Couple things that will remain will be your movement. Out turning alot of classes is huge. Not letting them get off inductions by running through them etc. Champs have the benefit of extended range on your legwndary weapon. So if you move well you can keep things at range enough to hit them but they lack the range to hit you. I think all round knowing which effects to remove right away or kite off will still be huge such as reaver bleeds trying to keep them off to minimize the damage from impale and what not. Watch a few videos on youtube of kidefence. Great champ that has movement down almost perfectly. Before helms deep might be good for you to run 4 red 3 blue to keep that bracing attack up and its nice that it requires no fervor. Keep your mits high and all that good stuff you already know. If borris comes back he will keep you right

    Best of luck with helms deep its a shame I didnt get much chance to pvp with you. Maybe I will pop in to 1v1 you sometime perhaps. Take care.

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    Welcome back Deorwyn
    Voinamainen - Khall - Shattersoul - Velox - Thaydron - Hadesdoom - Akinaard - Illshot - Morthane - Doomhound




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