Could someone shed some light on my problem , I've recently returned to Lotro with a fresh install of the game from the site. Currently if I enter a new zone (north downs or any other) and also when I enter a new area i.e a town within a zone as soon as the message pops up "you are entering ......" I just get stuck in one spot and eventually receive the message "The communication to the server has been lost!" this doesnt happen even single time, I can pass into some zones and through some areas but then moving back through those zones it can happen (seems totaly random). On testing with running across zones its occuring within 15 minutes sometimes 7minutes sometimes more. My ping is stable at 120 and I continue to send and receive data after my character locks in place but after one minute I get the "The communication to the server has been lost!" message. I have contacted support about this but am hoping someone here may be able to help me sooner.

Thanks and sorry for the bad spelling and punctuation