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    After Character Selection it crashes

    I can get to the character selection screen without any issues at all and as soon as i pick a character it tries loading and after the loading screen is about done the game will just crash. I don't understand this
    so if you could hook me up with an answer to my problem and how it happens if possible that would be awesome thanks

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    I've got a similar problem. I can login without any problems. Selecting my character works too, but the actual loading doesn't work anymore. I get the message:
    Lost connection to server.

    I only get the option to quit. Clicking that button only makes the button disappear, but nothing else happens. I have to close the client through the taskmanager.

    I've just come back from a two-week holiday and updated the client to the latest version (11.4) automatically.

    I run Windows 8, 32-bit version.

    I really hope this problem will be solved soon!

    ETA: Okay, I've tried to login with all my accounts (Yep, I'm an altoholic and free player..... needed several accounts :grin: ). There are exactly 2 accounts with which I can't get passed the character selection:
    1 account with a character below level 10
    1 account with 2 characters at level 35 and 1 level 16.

    With the level 16 character I CAN get passed the character selection and do everything in the game. With the two level 35 characters on that same account I CAN'T get passed the character selection.

    Both level 35 character have aided the bounders in their bounty hunt. The level 16 hasn't. I don't remember if the level 10 character has aided the bounders. I don't know if that's relevant?

    With another account with a level 7 character I could login without any problems.
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    Got it to work cause I have the same problem No info from Turbine support here it seems.

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    Sounds like a client connection issue. Look at the sticky from above

    If you get the exceptions configured correctly, this should all go away.

    If you have one that will and one that won't, usually it's going to be a port issue, or, less often, you may have to wait until the server figures out you aren't still online.

    With a port issue, you will initially want to work through the sticky, then turn everything off, then turn your modem/router/computer back on in that order, letting each cycle through completely before turning the next one on.
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