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    New "Best of" Thread

    Since it's been quite some time that the last best of thread has come out, Fire, Smuzy, and I thought that it would be a good idea to start up another one. It would also be nice to recognize those who have worked on becoming better at their class. It would also be cool to make another one before Helm's Deep comes out. So here goes:


    Reaver: 1. Burzan. A real monster of a reaver who's a challenge to fight.
    2. Shagger. Really hard to pick which one was better between Burz and Shag.
    3. Maldad. Nice to see you take a break from your freep a bit.
    Honorable mentions: Firereaver, Mormonthedoorman, Wardien

    Spider: 1. Meopyouqqnow. A spider that I'll never have hope of beating.
    2. Notlobster. It actually makes me cringe inside when I have to fight you.
    3. Gosmith. Really knows how to play spider with all the chain CC.
    Honorable mentions: Ntoukaiksanantou, Kitwen

    Blackarrow: 1. Zomar. Seems to always be targetted on me.
    2. Skatuk. Always a pest.
    3. Icjyou. Seen him a bit recently
    Honorable mentions: Haven't seen any worth notice.

    War-leader: 1. Chiron. No one else will ever take this spot.
    2. Chirontheirish. Fake Chiron.
    3. Trahai. Rather annoying seeing him out there.
    Honorable mentions: Zakat, Mikeljakson. (Not sure if spelled right.)

    Warg: 1. Baneoffirehands. Without a doubt the best Warg on the server.
    2. Lurid. Took me the longest to figure out how to kill him.
    3. Sinisterra.
    Honorable mentions: Skmuzy, Winrawr.

    Defiler: 1. Leagash. He's always out there.
    2. Vic. Need to see more of him.
    3. -
    Honorable mentions: None come to mind.


    Burglar: 1. Hayfora. Need to see more.
    2. Terom. Grats on getting r12.
    3. Beardzilla. Can't forget the Beardman.
    Honorable mentions: Reijy.

    Captain: 1. Farriel. One of the best I've ever seen in Moors.
    2. Iriddian. Hard to decide between numbers 1 and 2.
    3. Champboss. Best blue ranked on the server. Deserves to be a higher rank.
    Honorable mention: Thorvund, Davidmc.

    Champion: 1. Aervoth.
    2. Thorfinn.
    3. Golrath. Extremely difficult to pick between these three guys.
    Honorable mentions: Elekktrowolf, Guibordur. Norfi (even though he hasn't been on in months, he's a damned good Champ. Miss him.)

    Guardians: 1. Jaradan. Finally coming out with some consistency.
    2. Son. Need to see more of him.
    3. Kaha.
    Honorable mention: Can't think of any.

    Hunter: 1. Saldrin. Grats on r12, man.
    2. Jordansosa. Seen a lot of him lately.
    3. Tops. Haven't seen him recently. Where has thou art gone?
    Honorable mentions: Gilmosrandir.

    Lore-Master: 1. Rizoel. Top pick undoubtedly.
    2. Durgil. Haven't seen him in awhile either.
    3. -
    Honorable mention: -

    Minstrel: 1. Bobbyunderhill. Good group leader and healer.
    2. Laeron. Got to have those Delving buffs.
    3. Aprilwine.
    Honorable mention: -

    Rune-keeper: 1. Murdoch. Always gotta show love to Dwarf RKs.
    2. Wonderr. Need to see more.
    3. Leoscribe. Hit's like a brick.
    Honorable mention: Pudarion.

    Warden: 1. Fearghus. Can hold his own against multiple foes very well.
    2. Nupraptor. A good model to aspiring Wardens.
    3. Earedred. (I really don't want to sound vain here.)
    Honorable mentions: -

    Hope you like my list and won't get too butt-hurt if I left your name out. Enjoy.
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    I love these threads entirely too much lol..


    Reaver, There are a number of up and coming reavers, among them Wardien, Mormon, and Igank but for now just Gonna do the top 2 here, Burzan and Shagger both reach a level beyond the other reavers.

    Warg, Sinisterra and Skmuzy. Winrawr is also up there

    Spider- Kriyax ? sorry I am sure my spelling was horrid.

    Warleader. Chiron will always be king.

    Defiler- Yomamagash

    Blackarrow- noophunter


    Cappies, farriel and iriddian are the top. Champboss for a low rank is very impressive and I look forward to seeing where you are gonna go! keep up the good work.

    Hunter, Saldrin and tops.

    Champ, thorfinn, aervoth, and golrath. 3 excellent champs who bring the pain without the CD spams.

    LM, pigeon (can list him cuz he came back a few days ago yay!) rizoel is also a solid lm.

    Minstrel aprielvine (probably spelled that wrong too)

    Burg, Hayfora and terom.

    Guard, jaradan and Son.

    Warden, nupraptor, Fearghus, Eared

    RK, Reggahs (get your butt back here merli you frooblet)
    R8 RK, R8 champ, R7 burg, R8 warden. R13 warg, R10 spider, R9 reaver, R8 Warleader R6 BA

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    Sure, why not...


    Defiler: Leagash by far is the toughest out atm... few up and comers out there but none that get close yet

    WL: Chiron and Trahai no reasons needed

    Warg: Bane by far, Skmuzy is getting tougher by the day though

    Spider: Kreeper was always tough, but Kitwen is still queen of this class for me

    BA: Skatuk and Zomar are pretty tough, but we seem to have a lack of beast BA's lately

    Reaver: Burzan still holds the crown on this, but Wardien has become a beast in his own right lately and is only just behind burzan for me at this point


    Mini: Few good ones out there but Learon and Bobby are the best atm...if I'm grouped with them I don't even bother looking at my morale, I just know they'll keep me alive.

    Captain: Farriel and Iriddian...know exactly what they're doing and when to do it...Farr even knows when to yell at me to keep me from pulling an entire keeps worth of npcs while chasing leagash

    Guard: Kaha...knows his class very well for moors play both solo and group (although I do miss stealing all Medo's KB's)

    Hunter: Saldrin and Tops are the best out now...hit HARD

    Champion: Thorfinn...still best at what he does...Wolf...Impossible to kill...Golrath...Hits like a champ should

    Burglar: Hayfora, Beardzilla and Terom (sorry for the oversight...wrote this late last night) ...if you've ever been jumped by one of them you get it.

    Runekeeper: Murdoch is the most rounded RK out...Wonderr and Leoscrible are very close behind...all very adept at all facets of their class

    Lore Master: Rizoel...no healer is ever stunned with him around (Pounce was and will always be the most op pet)

    Warden: Feargus...overall the best warden atm in my opinion...Nupraotor and Earedred are also both excellent

    Last but not least:

    Best Egg Stomper while Laeron and Saldrin are getting delving buffs: ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    If I overlooked someone feel free to come kill me and show me why (EDIT: Fine Thor...you're good on your warg too...now stop chewing on my new shoes ;p)


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    reaver: i would add Nasy also to your list

    weaver: you honoured me by adding my name, but kryiax and freeper were my teachers and they should be above me

    defiler: leagash,bluesmurf blue rank but very good heals

    wl : chiron,trahai,mj

    warg :bane,skmuzy,lurid,sinistera

    ba: zomar.quag,skatuk


    minis: frelland? jk laeron,booby,april

    cappies: farriel,irridien,champboss

    chimps: thorfinn,aervoth,golrath,kirve s

    burgs: terom,mrboombastic,beard

    guards: jara,son

    rks: murdoch, leo, reggahs

    lm : rizoel,firecaster too much waterlore but still good ,amlar

    hunters: saldrin

    wardens: feargus,riabo and teamamerica if he is still to our server,earedred
    R12 spider Gosmith,R12 guard Gosmithh

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    Thats a GG folks.

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    get your spidery butt back here already

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    Quote Originally Posted by firehandsjr View Post
    I love these threads entirely too much lol..

    RK, Reggahs (get your butt back here merli you frooblet)
    Psshh like I'd read Crick best of threads......

    The RK for the moment at least is having too much fun on BW and will be staying there. My creeps and Burg are still on Crick though and I expect to be playing both in HD!!!
    Merlinros - Brandywine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoges View Post
    Psshh like I'd read Crick best of threads......

    The RK for the moment at least is having too much fun on BW and will be staying there. My creeps and Burg are still on Crick though and I expect to be playing both in HD!!!
    I`ll file my transfer over the course of next week Merlin,looking forward to some 1v1s.

    Anyway my "best of" are the people I 1v1 the most,they know who they are.

    Burzan aka Trompok(BW) - R14 Reaver
    Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoges View Post
    Psshh like I'd read Crick best of threads......

    The RK for the moment at least is having too much fun on BW and will be staying there. My creeps and Burg are still on Crick though and I expect to be playing both in HD!!!
    What an ezmoder
    Your misconceptions and fantasies along with your misguided sense of entitlement don't dictate my actions.

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    Hm this looks like fun

    Spider: Idk they all faceroll me; consideration should be given to whom is good at support as well as 1v1s though
    Blackarrow: Idk they all faceroll me
    Reaver: Idk they all faceroll me
    Warg: Baneoffirehands wins pretty reliably, and inspired me to ninja-assassinate people in full raids, which I've taken up from about r4 on.
    Defiler: Leagash <3
    WL: Chiron, Chirontheirish, Chironthescottish, Chironthewelsh, can't decide

    Best at class is different than best in moors, for these categories, so I'll refrain from picking favorites, since I do both pve and pvp and many good pvp-rs are garbage at pve and vice-versa.

    However, I would like to acknowledge a list of burg mentors who have helped me a significant deal when I was r0 and below, so in no particular order, many thanks to:
    Beardzilla, Clepto, Terom, Hayfora, Parm, Carnin, and prolly a couple others I am forgetting. Cheers all. Perhaps the student has become the master w.r.t. some of you ; )

    Also thanks to Riz for LM pointers, Norfi for champ tips, Laeron and Melyaneth for mini advice, Iri for cappy troubleshooting, Candolos, Eldrildel, and Lagg for shaping up my guard...and uh...do I have other alts? Sorry if I missed some people.

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    That awkward moment my ego is so big I read this thread and want to play again ........
    (R14 LM GHANK Arkenstone )

    Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light - Bruce Lee

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    Was bored with lack off wieny freeps hidin from Moors. So i thought this would be fun. Looks like most of the Named creeps/freeps are based on 1vs1 and not really group play. I will give my point of view group play wise and creeps ive teamed up with. Pre Helms Deep of course.

    Reaver: Nasy is the beast among beast. Wardien be meltin foos like crazy too. Franker is hard freakin core. Lots of up and comers to name though.

    Defiler: Leagash of course. Im surprised no one said Guido, foos be hatin. Guido is one of the best, if not the best raid leader and Defiler in crick creep side when he is around. Picked up a lot of stuff from him. Also some have never heard of Vorgie, He used to follow me around all the time, he had potential, he was like my little brothy. Come back Vorgie.

    Warleader: Me MJ , Trahai, Chirontheirish, Murkatop. I picked up a lot of stuff from grouping with them when they are around. Lots of people say Chiron, though i rarely played with him but a few times. Very impressive raid leader when i did team up with him. But crick is lacking in defilers and warleaders as is. So naming is limited in this area.

    Weaver/Spider: Kitwen, Kryax, Threefangs, Ntoukaiksanantouk. Very fierce spiders when we team up, Know exactly who to go for and know they rolls.

    Warg: Lurid, Soulwarg, Thefinger. Stuff just melts with these guys around. Also props to the Luna Ultra Pack. Mean group of wargies. Wish Pillin and Pollito hung around more. They were bad to the bone. havent seen them in a cool minute though.

    Blackarrow: Quagmire, Zomar and Skatuk by far. Skatuk is an awesome shot caller too, I like when he calls all the freeps Beaches. Wish Quag would come back too, Fun raids when these guys are around.

    Now for Freepside. But Im going to change it up. Im going to name the best of certain things ive seen from creep point of view.

    Best Minstrel at leaving their homies to die and running to hug Lugz back door like he is pooping his pants. Hence the nickname: (Laeron) Laeruns Diarreah

    Best Champ at sprinting away. The He/She (Golrath) Golruns Diarreah, she has a million scars on eis back from running away scared from creeps. If she doesnt got 2 minis healing her she wont leave lugz back door. Hence the Huggies Diapers. But she still has brown stains on her pants cuz she poops massively.

    Best Hipster Duffuses.. Beardzilla can escape with the best of them. Hipses like 30 times in a row. Dang!!! Boombastic gets me hyped up, I luv hobbits but he is hard to catch.

    Best Tease: Ellekktrowolf, He can fight a group of creeps from Grams to EC, and just when you think you going to kill him, he sprints, bubbles, self heals and keeps on going. Indestructible he is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YOUNGGUIDO View Post
    That awkward moment my ego is so big I read this thread and want to play again ........
    dam that awkward moment :P

    ./salute medo
    Medo > r11 < Guardian__^^__Medoo > r9 < Stalker
    ( all i can do is be me, whatever that is . )

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    Haha, fun. I'm going to give it a try. been in moors for a bit more than 4 months so i'll name what i've seen on my time in here. And just going to name one or 2 of each. Ok here we go:


    Reaver: Grombr: This one is the man. Amazing strategist and good leader, always putting out well made groups. Too bad he rqs a lot.
    Ittybitty: Another beast, almost unbeatable when he burns every cd, what am i saying? UNBEATABLE.

    Spider: Ntouaslkhasdjfhagjhntou: sorry i can't name this spider. I QQed everytime i found her before U12, made my life a pain with all the good kiting and poison stacking. Now that i can spam cure combat stats spiders are not a problem anymore for me, but no doubt Ntou has been the best spider while i've been around.

    Blackarrow: Freebaone, beard's BA. I have scars made by his arrows in my forehead.

    War-leader: Moklum: tough as hell, really know how to roll a WL and very good leader.
    Funker: same as the last mentioned, can't cashout more than 9k form both.

    Warg: Lurid: with no doubt the best warg of the server right now, tho haven't seen for the past weeks, hope he didn't transferred.
    Gannonwolf: I tryed, can't beat this warg in 1vs1.
    Eateroffreeps: Always chases me, ALWAYS. with a parter, but still, never doubts jumping me and it's something to remark.

    Defiler: Mamasita Leagash: The revamp has been tough for filers but we all know that she's the best.
    Kornakhakas: correct me if the name is not well writen. He's been doing very good despite of the little love devs have for defilers.


    Just naming people i've played with, or against with.

    Burglar: Mrboombastic: always a pleasure being escorted by this filthy hobbit, makes me laugh, and that's important.
    Steals: HH is not a safe place to pve now because of him.
    Hayfora/Terom: they never hips in order to escape, they will just come for more.

    Captain: Iriddian: No one plays the class better than him, and has no problem to trait red if the groups needs that OB.

    Champion: Same deal as defilers, champs are going through a bad time in the game right now but Thorfinn, Aervoth and Elekktrowolf are still the best, not running glory Ezmode.

    Guardians: not going to say that i'm the best.

    Hunter: Tops, the man doesn't need 2 healers and a captain to go out of GV and make some damage.

    Lore-Master: Rizoel/Pigeon: be afraid if they get you out of your range, you'll melt down in seconds.

    Minstrel: Melyaneth: my lovely pocket heals. I don't need to talk with her to know what are we going to do next, playing with her is the best thing this game has and no one, NO ONE, on this server heals better than her.

    Rune-keeper: Wonderr, the greatest rune-keeper, realiable healer and nasty dpser. have seen hits for more than 20k on creeps with full aud. Has a great sense of what is going on on the fights and he has no problem to call everything. great leader.

    Warden: Nupraptor: shagger will make you bleed till you get dry.

    Ok, that's it. Apagon out.
    Apagon r12 Guardian - Feianor r10 Rune-Keeper

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    Moar 1v1s!

    Burglar: Hayfora (not going to mention my self) Goddse, Really Has improved over the span of 1-2 months
    Champion: Thorfinn and Aervoth
    Mini: Bloin
    Hunter: Tops
    Captain: Farriel
    Warden: Nupraptor
    Rk: Wonderr Seems to give me the bests fights atm
    Loremaster: Rizoel and Pigeon

    Reaver: Ittybitty, Shagger, and Wardien always give me the best fight but still goign to mention burz because... well hes burzan
    Warg: Senisterra, Eateroffreeps, and Foglump seem to give me good fights every now and then
    Spider: Notlobster, Kryax, and Gosmith
    Defiler: Filers are pretty broken atm but Yomamagash gives me a good fight
    Warleader: Chiron deffinatly (cant out dps his heals when he is in commanders) Raidang and Murkatop are pretty good too.
    Blackarrow: Icjyou and Freebaone seem to give me good 1v1s as Does Radein



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