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    VIP Character Slots

    Back in August I bought three months of VIP access so I could unlock swift travel and all my trait slots forever. After I was awarded my turbine points for the third month, I cancelled the subscription. With VIP came two character slots. Will I still retain those character slots after my VIP access reverts back to premium or will those slots (and any characters that fill them) disappear?

    Thank you!

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    If you have for instance 3 character slots when premium and 5 character slots when VIP, you have all your character slots taken by one of your characters and your VIP runs out,
    You will have to choose which 3 characters you want to play, the other 2 will get locked and become playable again when you either get VIP or buy an additional character slot.

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    Assuming you currently have all of your character slots filled, including those rented via VIP: When you first log in after your VIP time ran out, you'll be prompted to choose which of your characters you want to keep playing. The other two will be locked and temporarily unplayable, but they won't be deleted. If you go VIP again or buy another character slot in the Store, those locked characters (respectively, one of them) will become playable again and you can continue where you left them when your sub ended.
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    Thank you for the quick answers!

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    Note that from memory, VIP has two extra character slots that are locked after VIP expires (which are locked are something a player decides at first post-VIP login).

    You get two extra slots with the Moria expansion (but not with just the quest pack such as the one included with the mithril edition). Something to think about if you haven't hit Moria.



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