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Thread: guardian traits

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    guardian traits

    I would like to know some good traits for a 1-handed shield-using guardian and I intend to tank. and I'm going to be doing 4-man instances. Virtues would be nice to know too.

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    Virtues: resistance rating is now totaly useless so you only need hp/agi
    determination / valour / zeal / fidelity / tolerance

    class: assuming you are with normal dps your main problem will be your threat generation, and because incoming damage isn't a problem for instances (in fact 5-y + legendary doesn't provide a real defensive bonus, it's more about regen mana -_-)
    grim challenge / litany of challenge / shield of fire / threatening presence / harasser / defensive expertise / brave heart or controlled breathing if there is no captain

    guardian's threat / shield smash / litany master (mainly for the +5 target)

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    Thx to both of you for posting this I'm new to mmorpg and choose guardian fallowing this set up hoping to do well



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