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    helms deep war bands

    Has anyone gotten anything good from the warbands. I have killed a lot of them and there's not even a good medallion reward.
    What have you experienced?

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    I've gotten purple jewelry from them, a friend has gotten teal versions of the same. Earrings, and bracelets.
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    Some purple items, a few teal, one shard and west rohan war-steed cosmetics.

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    Teal Cloak
    Teal Jewleryl
    Emerald Shard
    Sealed Relics
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    I got a nice Teal Might/Vitaliy Cloak off the spider queen sorceress

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    I got mostly marks, and a few teal and purple gears. Doesn't matter if its Raid or Elite level warband, all the items drops seems to be the same. Wasted a few minutes soloing the spider queen, and was awarded with a few marks. Next, I went to eastfold and solo a few of the easier warbands there and got teal gears.

    Maybe just my luck, but why tackle the harder/longer warbands when you could very well one shotted the easier/quicker warbands and get a chance at better gear/marks/ similar drops. There's no incentives to do the raid level warbands if the drops are similar to the easier ones, people would just farm the quicker/easier ones to suffice their daily warbands farm.

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    Couple of Emerald Shards. One from The Spider Priestess in Western Westfold, can't remember which the other came from. Also got a saddle for my warsteed from the troll in Braodacres or Stonedeans.
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